Bakersfield College

Emergency Management

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Chain of Command: Incident Command Center

Command Staff

Role Name/s
Incident Commander

Sonya Christian
Liz Rozell
Zav Dadabhoy

Public Information Officer Monika Scott
Liz Rozell
Liaison Officer Chris Counts
Marco Sifuentes
Safety Officer Jason Mattheus
Scribe Jennifer Marden-Serratt
Somaly Boles

General Staff

Role Name
Operations Chief Bill Potter
Jm Coggins
Planning Chief Emmanuel Mourtzanos
Todd Coston
Logistics Chief Ramon Puga
Rachelle Morehouse
Finance Administration Chief Christine Morales


Command Staff

  • Incident Commander: On scene Commander, decision maker
  • Public Information Officer: Handles ALL Media contacts and information.
  • Liaison Officer: Handles ALL contacts with External Agencies, updates, etc.
  • Safety Officer: Reviews IAP (Incident Action Plan), has authority to shut down any operation.
  • Scribe: Maintains a running record of IC decisions, implementation of actions and events.

General Staff

  • Operations Chief: Public Safety, M&O, All on scene workers.
  • Logistics Chief: Provides support to Operations, more manpower, equipment, etc.
  • Planning: Planning of event and shut down
  • Finance Chief: Maintains all records of cost, date, times
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