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Law Enforcement

Bakersfield College (BC) Basic Police Academy

The Police Academy program provides contemporary state of the art law enforcement basic training. The academy staff consists of Bakersfield Police Department (BPD) and the Bakersfield College Public Safety Training Department. The academy program is offered in the traditional format, 40-hours weekly for about 6-months.

Academy Entry Requirements


All students must be at least 18 years of age to enter the academy upon completing all entry requirements. However, a student cannot become a police officer unless they are 21 years of age. Bakersfield College offers an excellent Criminal Justice degree program for students under the age of 21 (As they wait to turn age 21).


In California, all peace officers are required to have a high school diploma, GED, or college degree. The police academy is a pre-requisite to becoming a police officer in the State of California.

Academy Program Acceptance

Once BC is certified through POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training), there are some basic screening requirements for all students enrolling the academy program as follows:

  • Valid California Driver’s License, live-scan finger printing and receive a DOJ clearance to possess a firearm. NO felony or domestic violence convictions. A comprehensive document known as the Personal History Statement (PHS) is completed and reviewed by the Academy staff.
  • Once the student is accepted into the program, a medical exam must be completed within 30-days and the results must be recorded on a medical form provided by either Bakersfield Police Department or BC.

Academy Entry Examination

All Bakersfield PD academy recruits must complete the police hiring process. They are BPD training recruits. All non-BPD academy students not affiliated with a police department must complete the BC student admissions process.

BC Support of Police Academy

Costs & Financial Aid

Financial Aid begins with the Free Application for Federal Aid. Further information about financial aid can be found at BC's Financial Aid. (Basic tuition costs consists of 21 units total x 46 per unit =$966.00 in addition to other college service fees)

Veteran Support:

The Veterans Service Center office is located on the Panorama (main) campus at the Veterans Resource Building. Find more information through Veterans Services.

Academy Graduation

Upon successfully completing the academy, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement (or Completion) which enables you to qualify for any police department in the State of California.

Career Pathway

By completing the academy, a major step in achieving a career into law enforcement will be accomplished. Police agencies statewide recruit and hire academy graduates and occasionally academy students during the academy.