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Geology Associate in Science Degree for Transfer

The Associate in Science in Geology Degree for Transfer is designed to provide students a clear pathway to the CSU Geology major and completion of the Geology baccalaureate degree; to grant guaranteed admission to a CSU in a similar major, with junior standing; and the ability to complete their remaining requirements within 60 semester or 90 quarter units.

The Associate in Science in Geology Degree for Transfer provides a path to students who wish to transfer to a CSU in the field of geology and serves the diverse needs of students who wish to obtain a broad and an in-depth understanding of the geological sciences. Additionally, the Associate of Science in Geology Degree for Transfer allows students to learn the fundamental principles and practices of geology in order to create a solid foundation for their future personal, academic, or vocational endeavors.

The Associate of Science in Geology Degree for Transfer also provides solid preparation that is appropriate for a variety of scientific disciplines.

The major in geology is appropriate for interested students who desire to be employed within the local petroleum industry working as a geology technician or seeking a solid science background for the teaching profession. The major is designed to provide students with a strong general education in math and science, introduction to physical and historical geology, as well as a general introduction to basic engineering skills.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • demonstrate the knowledge of and recognize the processes that explain natural phenomena.
  • apply the methodologies of science when approaching a problem.
  • apply logical quantitative and qualitative reasoning in solving problems or analyzing arguments

Requirements for AA-T or AS-T degrees:

The completion of 60 semester units that are eligible for transfer to the California State University, including both of the following:

  • The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University – Breadth Requirements.
  • A minimum of 18 semester units in a major area of emphasis, as determined by the district.
  • The obtainment of a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • The completion of all courses required for the major with a ‘C’ or better. A ‘P’ (Pass) grade is not acceptable for courses in the major.

Total Units: 26

Required Courses

Course # Name Units
GEOL B10 Introduction to Geology 3.0
GEOL B10L Introduction to Geology Laboratory 1.0
GEOL B11 Historical Geology 3.0
GEOL B11L Historical Geology Laboratory 1.0
CHEM B1A General Chemistry I 5.0
CHEM B1B General Chemistry and Chemical Analysis 5.0
MATH B6A Analytic Geometry/Calculus I 4.0
MATH B6B Analytic Geometry/Calculus II 4.0
Category Units
Units in Major 26
CSU GE Breadth 37-39
Possible double counting of GE's 7
Degree Total 60