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Fire Officer Certification (Nfpa Standard 1021)

Certificate of Achievement

Gainful Employment Information

The Fire Officer Certification will prepare students currently employed in fire science occupations to qualify for promotions such as to fire officer. This training utilizes curricula developed by the California Fire Service Training and Education System (CFSTES, the training branch of the California State Fire Marshall) and meets California Board of Fire Services standards. Certification as a CSFM Fire Officer provides in-service fire personnel the ability to promote and advance in their careers and may provide for educational pay incentives.

To Achieve the Certificate of Achievement
Upon completion of the following courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded a Fire Officer Certification (NFPA Standard 1021) Certificate of Achievement.

To Transfer Coursework
A minimum of 18 semester units in the major with a grade of ‘C’ or better while maintaining a minimum grade point average of at least 2.0 in all California State University transferable coursework.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • analyze and assess causes of firefighter fatalities and injuries and safety measures to protect personnel.
  • demonstrate the ability to make decisions and communicate an action plan for a hazardous materials incident.
  • analyze the relationship between fire prevention efforts and the reduction of life and property loss.
  • apply codes to simulated fire prevention inspection violations.
  • diagram the management cycle and define each element.
  • identify Benjamin Bloom and Dr. Bloom’s contribution to educational development.
  • define the four-step method of instruction and how it applies to technical lessons.
  • list ICS positions and duties and describe the positions to the level of deputies.

Total Units: 18

Required Courses

Course Number Course Title Units
FIRE B51A Fire Management 1a 2.0
FIRE B51B Fire Command 1a 2.0
FIRE B51C Fire Command 1b 2.0
FIRE B51D Fire Prevention 1a 2.0
FIRE B51E Fire Prevention 1b 2.0
FIRE B51F Fire Investigation 1a 2.0
FIRE B51G Training Instructor 1a 2.0
FIRE B51H Training Instructor 1b 2.0
FIRE B51I Fire Prevention 1C 2.0

**The courses and unit values on this page are representative of the typical values and courses required by this program. They are taken from the most current catalog, and therefore may not be accurate for the degree or certificate requirements for some students, depending on your year of catalog rights. Please refer to your appropriate catalog or see a counselor for accurate degree requirements.

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