Bakersfield College

Fire Technology

Executive Chief Fire Officer Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement, Executive Chief Fire Officer Certificate of Achievement is designed to meet the training and educational requirements established by the State Fire Marshal’s Office for Fire Officer certification. The program will prepare students for the Company Officer, Chief Fire Officer, and Executive Chief Fire Officer exam and certification as a California State Executive Chief Fire Officer. After successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to take promotional exams for career advancement State wide.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • Identify the different levels of certification in the Executive Chief Fire Officer certification track, Including Company Officer, Chief Fire Officer and Executive Chief Fire Officer.
  • Describe administrative policies and procedures, including purchasing and budget processes.
  • Identify methods to determine accident and injury prevention program effectiveness. Analyze data and accepted safety practices.
  • Determine effective recruitment, selection, and placement of human resources according to the law and consistent with current best practices.

To Achieve the Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the following courses with at least a “C” grade in each course, the student will be awarded an Executive Chief Fire Officer Certificate of Achievement.

Total Units: 21.5

Required Courses

Course # Name Units
FIRE B52A Company Officer 2A 2.0
FIRE B52B Company Officer 2B 1.0
FIRE B52C Company Officer 2C 2.0
FIRE B52D Company Officer 2D 2.0
FIRE B52E Company Officer 2E 2.0
FIRE B52F Chief Fire Officer 3A 1.5
FIRE B52G Chief Fire Officer 3B 1.0
FIRE B52H Chief Fire Officer 3C 1.0 FIRE B52I Chief Fire Officer 3D 1.0
FIRE B52J Executive Chief Fire Officer 4A 1.5
FIRE B52K Executive Chief Fire Officer 4B 0.5
FIRE B52L Executive Chief Fire Officer 4C 1.5
FIRE B52M Executive Chief Fire Officer 4D 2.0
FIRE B52N Executive Chief Fire Officer 4E 0.5
FIRE B52O Fire Instructor 1 2.0