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Electronics Technology Certificate of Achievement

The Bakersfield College Electronics Certificate program will show the world that you have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to perform better on the job. This program of study is widely recognized and modeled after local industry competency standards. A certified electronic professional often appears more dedicated, more skilled and thus more attractive to prospective employers. Program includes study in the following areas: Electrical theory and components, soldering, wiring diagrams, safety, advanced analog semiconductor and digital devices, power supplies, test equipment, programmable logic controllers, Allen Bradly SLC 500 and CLX 5000 Instrumentation, temperature, pressure, level detectors, radio communications, antenna and transmission lines, telecommunications, video, data, network technology, motor theory and wiring, computer integrated manufacturing, installation and wiring standards, and mechanical systems. Career opportunities in Electronics Technology include entry level positions in petroleum/energy, manufacturing automation, instrumentation/process control, logistics and distribution, ancillary services, telecommunications, radio communications, food and materials processing, and industrial maintenance.

Program Learning Outcomes

The successful student will be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in technical skills and safety principles required for industrial employment.
  • demonstrate a deep understanding of the core material required for transfer to a four year university degree program or for certification in the department programs.

Career Opportunities:

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, Instrumentation Technician, Process Technician, Communications Technician, Controls Technician, Automation Technician

To Achieve the Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the following courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded an Electronics Technology Certificate of Achievement.

Total Units: 33

Required Courses

Course # Name Units
ELET B1 Basic Electronics (DC and AC) 4.0
ELET B5 Programmable Logic Controllers 3.0
ELET B6 Analog and Digital Electronics 3.0
ELET B55A Electric Motors-Controls 4.0
ELET B56 Instrumentation & Process Control 3.0
ELET B61 Telecommunications 3.0
ELET B62 Radio Communications 3.0
ELET B70 Mechanical Systems 3.0
INDT B10 Occupational Readiness -or equivalent 3.0

Electives - select at least 4 units from the following

Course # Name Units
ELET B4 Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3.0
ELET B63 Electronic Systems Installation 3.0
INDR B12 Introduction to Drafting and CAD 2.0
ELET B58 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers 3.0
WELD B1B Introduction to the Welding Processes 2.0
MFGT B1AB Machine Tool Processes 3.0
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