Bakersfield College

Business Administration

General Business Job Skills Certificate

A Job Skills Certificate in General Business will provide the student with broad-based knowledge and skills in business. These core classes provide the foundation for a variety of successful careers in business.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

  • analyze and record financial transactions in a manual or computerized general ledger system.
  • perform the duties of a supervisor or middle level manager
  • effectively communicate within an organization in both written and oral media.
  • make legal and ethical decisions that achieve organizational objectives.

To Achieve the Job Skills Certificate

Upon completion of the following courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded a General Business Job Skills Certificate.

Total Units: 12

Required Courses

Course # Name Units
BSAD B5 Human Relations and People Skills 3.0
BSAD B20 Introduction to Business 3.0
COMP B5 Introduction to Microsoft Office 3.0
BSAD B53A Introduction to Accounting 1 3.0
BSAD B1 Financial Accounting 4.0