Bakersfield College

Human Services

Human Services Associate in Arts Degree

The major in human services provides the student with an academic background for entry-level positions in various human services agencies. It also prepares the student for upper-division work in human services and other behavioral sciences. The field is interdisciplinary with the overall career goal of helping people.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the perspectives, theories, methods and core concepts of the behavioral sciences.
  • explain the major problems and issues in the disciplines in their contemporary, historical and geographical contexts.
  • demonstrate an understanding of an ability to describe the contributions and perspectives of women, ethnic and other minorities and Western and non-Western peoples.

To Transfer Coursework

A minimum of 19 semester units in the major with a grade of ‘C’ or better while maintaining a minimum grade point average of at least 2.0 in all California State University transferable coursework.

To Achieve the Associate of Arts

Upon completion of graduation requirements and the required degree courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded a Human Services Associate of Arts degree.

Total Units: 19

Required Courses

Course # Name Units
HMSV B40 Introduction to Human Services 3.0
SOCI B1 Introduction to Sociology 3.0
SOCI B45 Minority Relations 3.0
PSYC B1A General Psychology 3.0
PSYC B40 Introduction to Lifespan Psychology
CHDV B21 Child Growth and Development: Birth Through Adolescence 3.0

In addition, a total of four units of HMSV B5 is required. Two units are permitted in a given semester. All units must be completed in agencies where assignment and supervision is approved by the Program Coordinator. Students wishing to enroll in HMSV B5 must have completed HMSV B40.

Course # Name Units
HMSV B5 Human Services Internship 4.0