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Suspension and Steering Certificate of Achievement

The Suspension and Steering Certificate signifies that the student has developed skills in the diagnosis, repair of various types of suspension and steering systems found in automotive, agriculture and industrial applications. Students can implement the skills developed in the these courses in performance shops, independent repair shops, dealerships, construction companies, agriculture companies, government agencies, etc. Students earning this certificate will be prepared to further pursue certification through ASE in the A4, H5, S5, and T5 areas.

This program prepares students for careers in Transportation Industry and Automotive Industry. The focus of the Automotive Department as a whole is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills to successfully enter the workforce in the automotive industry, transportation industry, agriculture industry, and other related industrial and mechanical fields. This certificate will equip students to perform service, diagnosis, and repair on steering and suspension systems in the above listed industries.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in technical skills and safety principles required for employment in the transportation and related industries performing suspension and steering work.
  • demonstrate their ability to assess, evaluate and solve problems common to suspension and steering system repair in the automotive, industrial, and agricultural industries.
  • demonstrate a thorough understanding of the core suspension and steering system material required for transfer to a four year university or certification in the department programs.

Career Opportunities:

Automotive Technician, Steering Technician.

To Achieve the Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the following courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded a Suspension and Steering Certificate of Achievement.

Total Units: 12

Required Courses

Course # Name Units
AUTO B11 Introduction to Automotive Technology 4.0
AUTO B30 Electrical and Electronic Systems 4.0
AUTO B40 Suspension, Steering and Wheel Alignment 4.0