Bakersfield College


Automotive Technology Associate of Science Degree

The Associate in Science in Automotive Technology is designed to prepare students for optimal success in higher education and technical careers in an environment that will encourage a lifelong pursuit of learning. Completers are prepared to become ASE Certified in a variety of subjects ranging from General Service, Licensed Smog Technician, Engine Rebuilding, Transmission Repair, Brakes, Alignment, Diesel Service, Automotive HVAC and many more. Teaching and learning strategies will include student-centered, competencybased, and hands-on instruction. In addition, the program will set in place quality customer/technician and employer/ employee relationship skills to assure workplace and educational competencies have been met. Upon completion of the associate’s degree program, graduates will be eligible for entry level employment at automotive, agricultural and commercial equipment dealerships and independent repair facilities. Graduates have the potential to work in management and other related areas of service operations.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • demonstrate proficiency in technical skills and safety principles required for industrial employment.
  • demonstrate their ability to assess, evaluate and solve problems common to automotive, industrial, and agricultural industries.
  • demonstrate a thorough understanding of the core material required for transfer to a four year university or certification in the department programs.

Career Opportunities:

Automotive Technician, Automotive Brakes Technician

To Achieve the Associate of Science Degree

Upon completion of graduation requirements and the required degree courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded an Automotive Technology Associate of Science Degree.

Total Units: 36

Required Courses - 24 Units

Course # Name Units
AUTO B20 Engine Theory, Design and Diagnosis 4.0
AUTO B21 Upper Engine Systems and Machining 4.0
AUTO B30 Electrical and Electronic Systems 4.0
AUTO B33 Engine Performance 4.0
AUTO B40 Suspension, Steering, and Wheel Alignment 4.0
AUTO B43 Brake Systems 4.0

Elective Courses (select 12 units from the following):

Course # Name Units
AUTO B3 Fundamentals of Automotive Management and Services 4.0
AUTO B22 Lower Engine Systems and Machining 5.0
AUTO B23 Engine Assembly and Performance 5.0
AUTO B31 Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems 5.0
AUTO B34 Advanced Engine Performance 5.0
AUTO B36 Light Duty Diesel Performance 4.0
AUTO B39 Level 1 and Level 2 Smog Inspector Training 4.0
AUTO B46 Automatic Transmissions 5.0
AUTO B48 Manual Transmissions and Drivetrain 4.0
AUTO B49 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning 4.0