Bakersfield College

American Sign Language

ASL Interpreter Training Program Certificate of Achievement

The BC ASL/English Interpreter Training Program is a two-year opportunity for students who wish to enter the field of sign language interpreting. Upon completion, students will demonstrate the ability to interpret between ASL and English, both consecutively and simultaneously. In addition, students will reflect an in-depth understanding of business practices, specialized settings, and professional ethics. Program completers will be able to attain employment in an under-staffed field, working independently in the community, for academic and governmental agencies, and private businesses.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • demonstrate mastery of consecutive ASL/English interpreting.
  • demonstrate mastery of simultaneous ASL/English interpreting.
  • determine how to interpret in various specialized settings.
  • employ best business practices in the field of interpreting.
  • utilize the tools for assessing stakeholders’ needs and ethical decision making.

Program Pre-requisites:

AA degree in American Sign Language, completion of ASL 4 with a grade of C or better, or the equivalent.

To Achieve the Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of the following courses with at least a ‘C’ grade in each course, the student will be awarded an ASL Interpreter Training Program Certificate of Achievement. A “P” (Pass) grade is not an acceptable grade for courses in this major.

Total Units: 41

Required Core Courses

Course # Name Units
ASL B62 Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Classifiers 3.0
ASL B64 Introduction to Translation 3.0
ASL B66 Introduction to the Interpreting Professions 3.0
ASL B63 Ethics and Decision Making 3.0
ASL B68 Interpreting I 4.0
ASL B72 Structure of American Sign Language 3.0
ASL B70 Business Practices 3.0
ASL B71 Specialized Settings 3.0
ASL B73 Interpreting II 4.0
ASL B74 Interpreting III 4.0
ASL B75 Interpreting IV 4.0
ASL B77 Interpreting Practicum 4.0