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Certificate of Achievement

Apprenticeship courses are designed for indentured apprentices under the Shelley-Maloney California Apprenticeship Standards Act. The Apprentice Agreement states that the student will supplement on-the-job training with related classroom instruction during each year of apprenticeship. Apprentice classes meet three to eight hours per week and yield two to six units of credit. Joint Apprenticeship Committees administering each program are composed of representation from labor, management, California State Division of Apprenticeship Standards, and Bakersfield College. These committees adopt state approved standards for operation and assure equal opportunity for applicants. Related training in apprenticeable occupations, in addition to those listed below, may be offered as the need arises. Information for entry into apprenticeship programs may be obtained from the college coordinator of apprenticeship training. Interested persons are encouraged to apply for any of these programs and may contact the Bakersfield College Apprenticeship Department at 661/395-4408 for further information.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion, the student will:

  • successfully transition to the Journeyman level designation and certification, upon successful completion of requirements by the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards.
  • demonstrate measures used by trades in use of tools, techniques, hands-on skills, and competencies for practices in specific occupations.
  • identify and use equipment of specific trade in meeting standards for measurement and calibration.
  • read, and apply specific trade instructions and design for construction or production outcomes as required by the specific trade practices and standards.

Required Courses

Course Title Units
Apprenticeship classes for duration of apprentice period 12-45
Work Experience 16
Electives (as recommended by JAC) to reach 30 units total (if needed) 4-16

* The courses and unit values on this page are representative of the typical values and courses required by this program. They are taken from the most current catalog, and therefore may not be accurate for the degree or certificate requirements for some students, depending on your year of catalog rights. Please refer to your appropriate catalog or see a counselor for accurate degree requirements.

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