Bakersfield College

group photo of 2019 President's Cabinet

President's Cabinet

President's Cabinet is comprised of direct reports to the president of Bakersfield College, as well as other members who serve at the discretion of the president. President's Cabinet provides the president of Bakersfield College a forum for vetting decisions prior to implementation.

President's Cabinet Members

Photo of Lesley Bonds

Lesley Bonds

Photo of Sonya Christian

Sonya Christian

Photo of Anthony Cordova

Anthony Cordova

Photo of Todd Coston

Todd Coston

Photo of Zav Dadbhoy

Zav Dadbhoy

Photo of Tom Gelder

Tom Gelder

Photo of Abel Guzman

Abel Guzman

Photo of Dan Hall

Dan Hall

Photo of Craig Hayward

Craig Hayward

no image available

Lora Larkin

Photo of Rich McCrow

Rich McCrow

Photo of Bill Moseley

Bill Moseley

Photo of Manny Mourtzanos

Manny Mourtzanos

Photo of Michelle Pena

Michelle Pena

Photo of Bill Potter

Bill Potter

Photo of Dena Rhoades

Dena Rhoades

Photo of Billie Jo Rice

Billie Jo Rice

Photo of Cornelio Rodriguez

Cornelio Rodriguez

Photo of Norma Rojas-Mora

Norma Rojas-Mora

Photo of Liz Rozell

Liz Rozell

Photo of Jennifer Serratt

Jennifer Serratt

Photo of Sandi Taylor

Sandi Taylor

Photo of Andrea Thorson

Andrea Thorson

Photo of Stephen Waller

Stephen Waller

Photo of Steve Watkin

Steve Watkin

Photo of Jessica Wojtysiak

Jessica Wojtysiak