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Bakersfield College

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This is Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College, a place where students can get their degree or certificate following the most efficient path to completion by clearly seeing various educational pathways mapped with the end in mind.

A place where students are continuously guided through their educational journeys through BC’s high-tech, high-touch system.

A place with a seamless 9-16 pathway that saves students and taxpayers time and money.

This website, organized by the four pillars of guided pathways, tells the story of how BC used the Guided Pathways Framework to catalyze a whole college redesign and to become a college completely focused on student outcomes.

Guiding References

BC staff and faculty are honored to welcome the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Bakersfield College. #WeareBC!

Samantha Pulido, Computer Science major
"My first impression of the program mapper was ‘thank you’ because I know there are students who struggle with figuring out how to schedule their classes… it’s going to help students who are transitioning from high school to BC."
~Samantha Pulido, Computer Science

Pillar 1: Clarify The Path

The student success infrastructure, complete with roads and a highway system, was built first with destinations in mind so the learner can see the path and make informed decisions on the path to their destination. The student success infrastructure has been designed so that students can confidently change direction to another destination and the GPS will guide them along the most optimal path to their new destination, saving the student time and money.


What's Next?

Every 9th grade student in California can view a seamless k-12 pathway to bachelor’s degree completion at any CSU or UC in the Program Pathways Mapper, supported by the community college to save time and money toward completion.


Mya Thanda, Business and Communication major
"A BC counselor visited my high school and helped me schedule my whole first semester"
~Mya Thanda, Business/Communication

Pillar 2: Enter The Path

BC guides students to the entry point of their pathways and facilitates simple major changes to onramp students into new pathways in multiple ways.


What's Next?

Students will auto-enroll in courses on their educational plans in a single, one-click step.


Jordan Thomas, Sociology major
"My mentors [at BC] taught me how to be a better student and encouraged me to never give up"
~Jordan Thomas, Sociology

Pillar 3: Stay On The Path

Cross-functional teams of faculty and staff serve on Completion Coaching Communities to ensure students complete our momentum points toward completion of certificates and degrees, organized by the college’s meta-major and affinity group structure.


What's Next?

Strengthening high-touch service with artificial intelligence technologies that provide accurate and timely interventions.


Aliyah Khan, Animal Science major
"The professors here taught me that critical thinking is about more than just memorizing answers. It’s about making the right decision for yourself."
~Aliyah Khan, Animal Science

Pillar 4: Ensure Learning

Ensuring high quality in student learning transcends the bureaucratic practice of assessing student learning outcomes. To give our student learning outcomes relevance to our vulnerable populations, BC’s coherent learning pathways facilitate learning, prioritizing relevance through on-campus jobs, internships, field trips, and project-based learning.


What's Next?

Students will communicate their learning to employers and transfer institutions through a higher resolution depiction of their skills and knowledge with microcredentialing and badging.


Julio Vargas, Psychology
"Counselors showed me why I needed to take English and Math in the first year to be successful"
~Julio Vargas, Psychology


An equity-minded, student-centered college demands that data inform redesign. BC knows that altering structures alters behaviors; in other words, a college will the outcomes it seeks only when it systematically designs the structure to produce its intended outcomes.


BC's One Year Increase in AA, AS, and ADT Awards

Cynthia Pulido, Business and Education major
"I can tell that everyone is working together to keep [students] on the right track"
~Cynthia Pulido, Business/Education


A whole-college responsibility for coaching students to completion demands that BC remain in continuous learning mode to create a strong foundation for change. The institutionalization of transformational change happens through the integration of all college units into a networked learning organization in which leadership invests in the development of its people, a distributed leadership model that empowers those closest to the students to make decisions and act in the interest of student equity and success, and a culture of transparency and trust in communication. #BCLearns


Guiding Research

Clarify the Path

Enter the Path

Stay on the Path

Ensure Learning



Bakersfield College Site Visit Team

Organizational Chart

For a full break-down of BC's administrative structure, check out the organizational chart at the button below.

Administrative Organizational Chart

Executive Leadership Team

photo of Sonya Christian

Dr. Sonya Christian

President, Bakersfield College

Strategic oversight of BC’s Guided Pathways; lead developer of the Program Pathways Mapper and Early College.
Twitter: @sonyachristian


photo of Billie Jo Rice

Billie Jo Rice

Vice President of Instruction

New VP; leads administrative and instructional units in support of meta-majors, enrollment management.

photo of Zav Dadabhoy

Dr. Zav Dadabhoy

Vice President of Student Affairs

Leads Starfish implementation, student affairs units in support of affinity groups and meta-majors.
Twitter: @zavdadabhoy

photo of Mike Giacomini

Mike Giacomini

Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

New VP; leads resource and facilities development to support educational programs and services.

Faculty Coach Leadership

photo of Dr. Jennifer Garrett

Dr. Jennifer Garrett

Professor, Music

Department Chair; uses Starfish for student tracking and completion. Ensures learning by creating applied learning experiences.

photo of Joe Saldivar

Dr. Joe Saldivar

Professor, Biology

Department Chair; uses Starfish for student tracking and completion. Ensures learning by creating applied learning experiences.
Twitter: @drjoebio

photo of Erica Menchaca

Dr. Erica Menchaca

Professor, Education

Data Coach for Education meta-major; faculty lead on the Program Pathways Mapper, Curriculum Committee Co-Chair.

photo of Eleonora Hicks

Eleonora Hicks

Professor, Sociology

Data Coach for the Social, Behavioral & Human Services meta-major.

photo of Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Professor, Nursing

Faculty lead of the Program Pathways Mapper; Co-Chair of the Guided Pathways Implementation Team; Curriculum Committee Co-Chair.
Twitter: @NytngaleProf

photo of Jennifer Johnson

Jason Dixon

Professor, Engineering

Department Chair; uses Starfish for student tracking and completion. Ensures learning by creating applied learning experiences.

Advising Coach Leadership

photo of Marisa Marquez

Marisa Marquez

Director of Counseling

Member of the Guided Pathways Implementation Team.
Twitter: @marisam64052480

photo of Jesse Oropeza

Jesse Oropeza

Counselor – Rural Initiatives

Lead counseling faculty for Early College students in rural high schools.

photo of Victor Diaz

Victor Diaz

Counselor – Chair

Faculty Chair of the Counseling Department; lead counseling faculty coach for the Ag, Culinary Arts & Nutrition meta-major.

photo of Jonathan Schulz

Jonathan Schulz

Counselor – Chair

Faculty Chair of the Counseling Department; lead counseling faculty coach for the Ag, Culinary Arts & Nutrition meta-major.

photo of Grace Commiso

Grace Commiso

Counselor – Starfish

Lead faculty counselor for Starfish professional development; member of the Guided Pathways Implementation Team.
Twitter: @grace_commiso

photo of Armando Trujillo

Armando Trujillo

Ed Advisor – Veterans

Lead faculty counselor for Starfish professional development; member of the Guided Pathways Implementation Team.

photo of Isabel Castaneda

Isabel Castaneda

Ed Advisor – Education

Lead advisor coach for the Education meta-major; data coach for the Kern Promise affinity group.
Twitter: @Isabelcastaned1

Management Coach Leadership

photo of Jessica Wojtysiak

Dr. Jessica Wojtysiak

Dean of Instruction

Administrative coach for the Education meta-major; Admin Co-Chair of the Accreditation & Institutional Quality Committee.
Twitter: @DrJessicaW

photo of Steven Watkin

Steven Watkin

Executive Director – Early College

Lead of Outreach, School Relations matriculation at service area high schools, Early College, and African American Initiatives.

photo of Abel Guzman

Abel Guzman

Executive Director – Rural Initiatives

Lead of rural initiatives outreach, instruction, and Early College.
Twitter: @AbelGuzman23

photo of Lesley Bonds

Lesley Bonds

Director –Student Success & Equity

Campus lead for Guided Pathways. Lead on BC President’s development and innovation projects.
Twitter: @lesley_bonds

photo of Craig Hayward

Dr. Craig Hayward

Dean – Institutional Effectiveness

Leads Mapper implementation, Data Coaching, data warehouse development.
Twitter: @doc9x

photo of Jennifer Serratt

Jennifer Serratt

Assistant to the President

Technology Leadership

photo of Todd Coston

Todd Coston

Director - IT

Twitter: @bctoddcoston

photo of Bill Moseley

Dr. Bill Moseley

Dean of Academic Technology

Twitter: @wlmoseley

photo of David Barnett

David Barnett

Director – Enterprise Apps and SIS (Banner)

photo of Dan Hall

Dan Hall

Director –Student Success Technologies

Twitter: @halldaniel7


photo of Ilene Garcia

Ilene Garcia

Business Major

photo of Jonathan Martinez

Jonathan Martinez

Engineering Major

photo of Natalia Montecino

Natalia Montecino

Kinesiology Major
Kern Community College District