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COVID-19 Forum Series

February 2, 2021:
COVID-19 Vaccinations with Dr. Michael Saag

February 2, 2021 Seminar Title Slide on COVID-19 Vaccinations showing speakers Sonya Christian, Nicky Damania, Dr. Michael Saag, Ian Spark, and Kassandra SweeneyVideos

Dr. Michael Saag Q&A

You said in November it would take at least 10 months from approval for the vaccine to reach 60-70% of the population. Have you shifted your estimate?

What do you think about the rollout process; can we scale up our supply to fit demand; and when can we expect other frontline workers to receive the vaccine?

Can you describe the body's immunization process and how the vaccine works?

Is it safe for cancer patients undergoing chemo to get the vaccine?

What can educators do to help keep people informed and combat misinformation?

Some test subjects developed COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine. Are we seeing an immunity gap in those receiving the vaccine now?

Are there risks associated with attempted to accelerate the vaccine development process?

What have you learned from your work handling COVID-19 at the University of Alabama-Birmingham?

Are we seeing any additional side effects, and will companies continue to improve their vaccines to address any additional side effects?

May 6, 2020:
All-Campus Virtual Forum

May 6, 2020 Public Health Protocols Virtual Seminar Title Slide showing Sonya Christian, Todd Coston, Bill Potter, Cindy Collier, Kenward Vaugahn, and Zack PetersVideos

May 4, 2020:
All Campus Budget Forum



March 12, 2020:
Institutional Update 

A video for this seminar is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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