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Project: Common Assessment Initiative

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About the Initiative

Hello CCC CEOs:

I represent you on the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) Steering committee and have developed this website as a repository of information for you as the work progresses over the next year. I see my role as your rep not so much as providing you with minutes, since you can find a better source on the website, but to:

  1. provide you with my perspective of the conversation (go ahead and bookmark this site and
  2. organize a forum to facilitate discussion among the CEOs.

This will allow me the ability to represent you and engage with you in a dialogue as the work progresses. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of this work, or to brief you or others on these issues.  I am also available to do periodic CCC Confer telephone updates if some of you prefer the conference call mode of communication to the forum and website.

Looking forward to this work.


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