Bakersfield College

President's Breakfast

Every year, President Sonya Christian invites local high school leaders for a breakfast at Bakersfield College. This morning is designed to engage in rigorous discussion regarding such a fundamental partnership so that we can better serve our new and prospective students together!


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Apr. 28, 2015






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7:30-7:45 Breakfast/Fellowship

Dr. Sonya Christian, Bakersfield College

One representative per school/district to introduce staff

8:00-8:20 Bakersfield College Snapshot
8:20-8:35 High School Partners Discussion
Moderated by Steven Watklin, Director of BC Outreach & Relations
Salvador Gochez, Counselors at Regional Occupational Center
Meagan Holmes, Counselor at West High School
Connie Grumling, Principal of South High School

8:35-8:55 Open Discussion
8:50-9:00 Survey and Evaluation
9:00 Wrap-Up & Conclusion

Apr. 18, 2013


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