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Bakersfield College

Administrative Council Archived Work Plans

Archived Work Plans & Accomplishments

Administrator Archives
Achan, Jennifer - Financial Aid
Armendariz, Yvonne - Basic Skills
Baker, Tamara - Community Relations
Ballard, Darrell - Athletics
Baltazar, Maria - EOPS
Baltazar, Stephanie - Job Placement
Bohnsack, Morgan - Information Technology & MIS
Boles, Somaly - Financial Information
Bonds, Lesley - Student Success
Bresso, Michele - Dean of Instruction
Cabrera-Mendoza, Leticia - Child Development Center
Capehart, Tim - Fire Technology Director
Chiang, Amber - Marketing & Public Relations
Christian, Sonya - President
Coggins, Jim - Maintenance & Operations
Collier, Cindy - Nursing/EMT
Commiso, Grace - Student Success
Cordova, Anthony Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Coston, Todd - Information Services
Counts, Chris - Public Safety
Crawford, Denise - Workability III
Dadabhoy, Khushnur - Transfer Pathways
Dadabhoy, Zav - Student Affairs
Damania, Nicky - Student Life
Enriquez, Gustavo
Esquibias, Chelsea
Ford, Keith - Associate Athletic Director
Francis, Catherine - Dual Enrollment
Gard, Carla - Allied Health
Gelder, Tom - BC Foundation
Goldstein, Terri - Disabled Students Programs and Services
Gomez-Heitzeberg, Nan - Executive Vice President
Gonzalez, Connie - MESA
Grijalva, Endee - Adult Education
Guerrero, Yadira - STEM Program Manager
Guzman, Abel - Delano Center and Rural Initiatives
Hayward, Craig - Institutional Effectiveness
Hernandez, Rozanne - CTE Program Manager
Hill, Kalina - Placement and Texting
Hroch, Amber - College Institutional Researcher
Lara, Fernando - BC SouthWest
Laven, Anna - Dual Enrollment
Lopez, Jaime - Adult Education
Lopez, Raquel
Lorigo, Laura - Maintenance and Operations
Mancera, Marina - Child Development Center
McClenic, Michael - Probation & Early Alert Program Manager
McCrow, Rich - Dean of Instruction
Morehouse, Rachell - Custodial Services
Moseley, Bill - Academic Technology
Mourtzanos, Manny - Dean of Instruction
Munoz, Cindy - Cal-SOAP
Navarro, Araceli - Interim Program Manager, FACE
Pasek, Mary Jo - Community Relations/Scheduling & Events
Peña, Michelle - Admissions & Records
Pennella, Heather - Bakersfield College Foundation
Perez, Martin - CCTP2 Program Manager
Pierce, Eileen - Supplemental Instruction and CAS Workshops
Pluta, Kate - Dean of Instruction
Potter, Bill - Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations
Priest, Aubrey - Program Manager, Industrial Automation
Puga, Ramon - Custodial Services
Purcell, Ray - Health and Wellness Center
Ramirez, Patricia - EOPS/CARE
Redd, Brett
Rhoades, Dena - Human Resources
Rice, Billie Jo - Dean of Instruction
Robles (FKA Kent), Lisa - Equity
Rodriguez, Corny - Dean of Instruction
Rojas-Mora, Norma - Communications and Community Relations
Rozell, Liz - Dean of Instruction
Sabella, Eric - Food Services
Scott, Monika - Marketing and Public Relations
Serratt, Jennifer - Office of the President
Stone, Amanda - Scholarship Management
Stuart, Stephanie - Food Services
Swanson, Kylie - Early College
Taylor, Sandi - Athletics
Thorson, Andrea - Dean of Instruction
Tunson, Tommy - Public Safety Training
Tyus, Shanell - Program Manager, Student Support and Success
Urry, Brandon - Communications/Community Relations, Athletics
Valdez, Imelda - EOPS
Vanderwerff, Dowie - Financial Aid
Vaughn, Sue - Enrollment Services
Waller, Stephen - Dean of Instruction, Math, Biology, Physical Sciences
Ward, Ashlea - Outreach and School Relations Program Manager
Watkin, Steve - Outreach and School Relations Director
Weltman, Reese - Professional Development Program Manager
Wright, Maria - Peer Education Program Manager
Young, Karla - Student Success
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