Bakersfield College

group photo of 2019-20 Administrative Council

Administrative Council


Administrative Council is a consultative body comprised of educational and classified administrators and managers.

It is also a forum for communication on issues and trends affecting Bakersfield College, and communicates directly with the president of Bakersfield College.

Administrative Council Members

Jennifer Achan

Director, Financial Aid

  • Achan Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Achan Work Plan: 19-20

Yvonne Armendariz

Program Manager, Basic Skills

Tamara Baker

Program Manager, Community Relations

Benjamin Balderrama

Program Manager, Campus Center Events and Services

Darrell Ballard

Program Manager, Athletics

Maria Baltazar

Program Manager, EOPS

Stephanie Baltazar

Program Manager, Job Placement

  • S Baltazar Accomplishments: 18-19
  • S Baltazar Work Plan: 19-20

Rosie Barron

Program Director, Child Development Center and Kinship Care

Morgan Bohnsack

Program Manager, Information Technology & MIS

  • Bohnsack Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Bohnsack Work Plan: 19-20

Somaly Boles

Manager, Financial Information

  • Boles Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Boles Work Plan: 19-20

Lesley Bonds

Director, Student Success & Equity

Leticia Cabrera-Mendoza

Child Development Center Site Supervisor

Lida Castillo

Interim Assistant Director, Financial Aid

  • Castillo Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Castillo Work Plan: 19-20

Sonya Christian

Bakersfield College President

Todd Coston

Director, Technology Support Services

Chris Counts

Director, Public Safety

  • Counts Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Counts Work Plan: 19-20

Denise Crawford

Program Manager, Workability III

  • Crawford Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Crawford Work Plan: 19-20

Zav Dadabhoy

Vice President, Student Affairs

  • Z. Dadabhoy Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Z. Dadabhoy Work Plan: 19-20

Nicky Damania

Director, Student Life

Keith Ford

Associate Athletic Director

Brenda Gamlowski

Budget Analyst

  • Gamlowski Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Gamlowski Work Plan: 19-20

Carla Gard

Associate Dean of Instruction, Allied Health

  • Gard Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Gard Work Plan: 19-20

Mike Giacomini

Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

Terri Goldstein

Director, Disabled Students Programs and Services

Connie Gonzalez

Program Manager, MESA

  • Gonzalez Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Gonzalez Work Plan: 19-20

Endee Grijalva

Program Manager, Adult Education

Yadira Guerrero

STEM Program Manager

  • Guerrero Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Guerrero Work Plan: 19-20

Abel Guzman

Director, Delano Center and Rural Initiatives

Dan Hall

Director, Student Success Technology

Craig Hayward

Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

Kalina Hill

Program Manager, Placement and Testing

Amber Hroch

College Institutional Researcher

Susan Hubbell

Foundation Financial Information Manager

Lisa Robles Kent

Program Manager, Equity

  • Robles Kent Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Robles Kent Work Plan: 19-20

Fernando Lara

Program Manager

  • Lara Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Lara Work Plan: 19-20

Lora Larkin

Dean of Instruction - Engineering and Systems, Industrial Technology

Jacki Lau

Program Manager, Admissions and Records

Anna Laven

Program Manager, Dual Enrollment

Jaime Lopez

Program Manager, Adult Education

Raquel Lopez

Program Manager

Marina Mancera

Child Development Center

Michael McClenic

Probation & Early Alert Program Manager

Richard McCrow

Dean of Instruction

Rachell Morehouse

Custodial Services

Bill Moseley

Dean, Academic Technologies

Manny Mourtzanos

Dean of Instruction

Mindy Munoz

Site Supervisor, Cal-SOAP

Araceli Navarro

Program Manager, FACE

Mary Jo Pasek

Community Relations/Scheduling & Events

Michelle Peña

Director, Enrollment Services

Heather Pennella

Donor Relations, Foundation

Angelica Perez

Interim Program Manager, Inmate Scholars Program

  • A. Perez Accomplishments: 18-19
  • A. Perez Work Plan: 19-20

Martin Perez

CCTP2 Program Manager

Eileen Pierce

Program Manager, Supplemental Instruction and CAS Workshops

Bill Potter

Director, Facilities, Maintenance and Operations

Aubrey Priest

Program Manager, Industrial Automation

Ramon Puga

Custodial Services

Ray Purcell

Director, Student Health and Wellness Center

Patricia Ramirez

Program Manager, EOPS/CARE

Brett Redd

Assistant Director, Information Technology

  • Redd Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Redd Work Plan: 19-20

Dena Rhoades

Human Resources Manager

  • Rhoades Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Rhoades Work Plan: 19-20

Billie Jo Rice

Vice President of Instruction

Pamela Rivers

Program Manager, Academic Technology and Professional Development

Corny Rodriguez

Dean of Instruction

Norma Rojas-Mora

Director of Communications and Community Relations

Monika Scott

Marketing Manager

  • Scott Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Scott Work Plan: 19-20

Jennifer Serratt

Office of the President

  • Serratt Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Serratt Work Plan: 19-20

Amanda Stone

Scholarship Manager

  • Stone Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Stone Work Plan: 19-20

Stephanie Stuart

Assistant Manager, Food Services

  • Stuart Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Stuart Work Plan: 19-20

Kylie Swanson

Program Manager, Early College

Sandi Taylor

Director, Athletics

Andrea Thorson

Dean of Instruction

Shaun Tobiasen

Program Manager, Nursing

  • Thorson Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Thorson Work Plan: 19-20

Tommy Tunson

Director of Public Safety

Brandon Urry

Manager of Communications/Community Relations, Athletics

Imelda Valdez

Director, EOPS

  • Valdez Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Valdez Work Plan: 19-20

Stephen Waller

Dean of Instruction: Math, Biology, Physical Sciences

Caroline Walth

Custodial Services

Ashlea Ward

Outreach & School Relations Program Manager

Steve Watkin

Director, Outreach and School Relations

Jessica Wojtysiak

Dean of Instruction: Communication, FACE, BC Southwest, Child Development Center

Maria Wright

Director, Academic Support Services

  • Wright Accomplishments: 18-19
  • Wright Work Plan: 19-20