Bakersfield College

group photo of 2019-20 Administrative Council

Administrative Council


Administrative Council is a consultative body comprised of educational and classified administrators and managers.

It is also a forum for communication on issues and trends affecting Bakersfield College and communicates directly with the president of Bakersfield College.

2021-22 Administrative Council Members

Jennifer Achan

Executive Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Nicole Alvarez

Program Director, Student Life

Debi Anderson

Assistant to the President

  • Anderson Work Plan: 21-22
  • Anderson Accomplishments: 20-21

Berenice Arellano

Program Manager, Early College

Nicole Avina

Program Manager, Student Success Technology

  • Avina Work Plan: 21-22
  • Avina Accomplishments: 20-21
  • Work Plan: 20-21

Leonardo Ayala

Assistant Director, Student Life

  • Ayala Work Plan: 21-22
  • Ayala Accomplishments: 20-21
  • Ayala Work Plan: 21-22

Darrell Ballard

Program Manager, Academic Succes, Kinesiology, Health, & Athletics

Maria Baltazar

Program Director, Categorical Programs

Heflin Barrera

Program Manager, Cal-SOAP

  • Barrera Work Plan: 21-22
  • Barrera Accomplishments: 20-21

Somaly Boles

Budget Analyst

Marianne Castano Bishop

Interim Director, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

  • Bishop Work Plan: 22-23
  • Bishop Accomplishments: 21-22

Reggie Bolton

Dean of Instruction, Kinesiology, Health & Athletics / Athletic Director

Adolfo Briseno

Program Manager, Agriculture

  • Briseno Work Plan: 21-22
  • Briseno Accomplishments: 20-21

Leticia Cabrera-Mendoza

Site Supervisor, Child Development Center

Fidel Cabuena

Manager, Food Service

Amalia Calderon

Manager, Human Resources

Kylie Campbell

Director, Outreach - Early College

Courtney Carter

Coordinator, Donor & Alumni Relations, BC Foundation

  • C. Carter Work Plan: 21-22
  • C. Carter Accomplishments: 20-21

Ryan Carter

Assistant Manager, Food Service

Angelica Caudillo

Program Manager, Counseling & Student Success

  • Caudillo Work Plan: 21-22
  • Caudillo Accomplishments: 20-21

Lovejot Chahal-Grewal

Program Manager, Testing & Placement Center

  • Chahal-Grewal Work Plan: 21-22
  • Chahal-Grewal Accomplishments: 20-21

Jim Coggins

Director, Maintenance & Operations

Charles Collom

Director, Student Health & Wellness Center

  • Collom Work Plan: 21-22
  • Collom Accomplishments: 20-21

Anthony Cordova

Dean of Instruction, Industrial Technology and Transportation

Todd Coston

Associate Vice Chancellor, Planning & Educational Technology

  • Coston Work Plan: 21-22
  • Coston Accomplishments: 20-21

Denise Crawford

Program Manager, Workability III

Analicia Croonquist

Program Manager, Communications, Kinesiology, Health & Athletics

  • CroonquistWork Plan: 21-22
  • CroonquistAccomplishments: 20-21

Alyssa Cross

Coordinator, Donor & Alumni Relations, BC Foundation

  • CrossWork Plan: 21-22
  • CrossAccomplishments: 20-21

Zav Dadabhoy

President, Bakersfield College

Nicky Damania

Dean of Students

Devin Daugherty

Director, Outreach - Adult Education

  • Daugherty Work Plan: 21-22
  • Daugherty Accomplishments: 20-21

Caitlin Davidson

Program Manager, Basic Needs

  • Davidson Work Plan: 21-22
  • Davidson Accomplishments: 20-21

Todd Dearmore

Interim Executive Director, College Safety

  • Dearmore Work Plan: 21-22
  • Dearmore Accomplishments: 20-21

Nora Dominguez

Interim Director, Outreach - Special Programs

  • Dominguez Work Plan: 22-23
  • Dominguez Accomplishments: 21-22

Dionna Doss

Interim Director, Academic Support Services

  • Doss Work Plan: 21-22
  • Doss Accomplishments: 20-21

Rebecca Farley

Dean of Instruction

Keith Ford

Associate Athletic Director

Jenny Frank

Manager, Veteran Services & Programs

Erineo Garcia

Program Manager, Admissions & Records

Richard Garcia

Program Manager, AB 540 & Undocumented Student Programs

  • Richard Garcia Work Plan: 21-22
  • Richard Garcia Accomplishments: 20-21

Carla Gard

Dean of Instruction, Nursing & Allied Health

Mike Giacomini

Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services

Dan Hall

Director, Student Success Technology

Jerry Harris

Budget Analyst

  • Harris Work Plan: 21-22
  • Harris Accomplishments: 20-21

Craig Hayward

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Kalina Hill

Program Manager, Academic Technology

Christina Howell

Interim Associate Dean of Instruction

  • Howell Work Plan: 22-23
  • Howell Accomplishments: 21-22

Susan Hubbell

Manager, Financial Information, BC Foundation

Jennifer Jett

Dean of Instruction

NaTesha Johnson

Program Director, Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development

  • Johnson Work Plan: 22-23
  • Johnson Accomplishments: 21-22

Sooyeon Kim

Director, Institutional Research

Ronnie Knabe

Interim Associate Dean of Instruction, Nursing

Lora Larkin

Interim Dean of Instruction

  • Larkin Work Plan: 22-23
  • Larkin Accomplishments: 21-22

Jacki Lau

Assistant Director, Admissions & Records

Kevin Lohmann

Program Manager, Performing Arts

Marina Mancera

Site Supervisor, Child Development Center

Katrina Marquez

Program Manager, Disabled Student Programs & Services

  • Marquez Work Plan: 21-22
  • Marquez Accomplishments: 20-21

Marisa Marquez

Dean, Student Success & Counseling

Denice McCauly

Interim Program Manager, Scheduling

  • McCauly Work Plan: 21-22
  • McCauly Accomplishments: 20-21

Richard McCrow

Dean of Instruction

Kara McDonald

Program Manager, Student Success and Equity

  • McDonald Work Plan: 21-22
  • McDonald Accomplishments: 20-21
  • McDonald Work Plan: 20-21

Carlos Medina

Program Manager, Industrial Automation, Apprenticeship & Student Success

  • Medina Work Plan: 21-22
  • Medina Accomplishments: 20-21

Israel Mendoza

Program Manager, Technology Support Services

  • Mendoza Work Plan: 21-22

David Moncayo

Program Manager, Financial Aid Compliance

  • Moncayo Work Plan: 21-22
  • Moncayo Accomplishments: 20-21

Rachell Morehouse

Supervisor, Custodial Services

Araceli Navarro

Program Manager, Foster & Kinship Care Education Program

Earl Parsons

Program Manager, Community Relations

  • Parsons Work Plan: 21-22
  • Parons Accomplishments: 20-21

Angelica Perez

Program Director, Rising Scholars Program

Ben Perlado

Director, Transfer Pathways

  • Perlado Work Plan: 21-22
  • Perlado Accomplishments: 20-21

Ramon Puga

Operations Manager, Maintenance & Operations

Kristin Rabe

Interim Assistant Director, Technology Support Services

  • Rabe Work Plan: 21-22

Patricia Ramirez

Program Director, Categorical Programs

Brett Redd

Interim Director, Technology Support Services

Billie Jo Rice

Vice President, Instruction

Cristal Rios

Budget Analyst

Pamela Rivers

Assistant Director, Academic Technology & Professional Development

Derek Robinson

Director, Public Safety Training Program

Bryan Rodriguez

Director, Outreach - Special Populations

  • Bryan Rodriguez Work Plan: 21-22
  • Bryan Rodriguez Accomplishments: 20-21

Hilda Rodriguez

Program Manager, Compliance & Special Programs

  • Hilda Rodriguez Work Plan: 21-22
  • Hilda Rodriguez Accomplishments: 20-21

Marcos Rodriguez

Executive Director, Facilities and Operations

  • Rodriguez Work Plan: 21-22
  • Rodriguez Accomplishments: 20-21

Norma Rojas-Mora

Executive Director, Government Relations & Development

Cheryl Scott

Executive Director, BC Foundation

No photo available.

Monika Scott

Director, Marketing and Communications

Dustin Sharer

Program Manager, Student Reenrollment Center

  • Sharer Work Plan: 22-23
  • Sharer Accomplishments: 21-22

Stacey Shepard

Program Manager, Marketing & Public Relations

  • Work Plan: 21-22
  • Accomplishments: 20-21

Imelda Simos-Valdez

Vice President, Student Affairs

  • Simos-Valdez Work Plan: 21-22
  • Simos-Valdez Accomplishments: 20-21
  • Simos-Valdez Work Plan: 20-21
  • Simos-Valdez Accomplishments: 19-20

Michelle Smith

Executive Director, Enrollment Systems and Integrated Support

Yvonne Stallion

Budget Analyst

  • Stallion Work Plan: 21-22
  • Stallion Accomplishments: 20-21

Jacqueline Stoner

Program Manager, Title V

Sara Sullivan

Program Manager, STEM

  • Sullivan Work Plan: 21-22
  • Sullivan Accomplishments: 20-21

Christopher Tafoya

Program Manager, Community Relations & Workforce Development

  • Tafoya Work Plan: 21-22
  • Tafoya Accomplishments: 20-21

Tyler Thoms

Program Manager, COVID & Campus Health Initiatives

  • Thoms Work Plan: 21-22
  • Thoms Accomplishments: 20-21

Stephen Waller

Executive Dean of Instruction

Caroline Walth

Supervisor, Custodial Services

Ashlea Ward

Interim Director, Outreach

Steve Watkin

Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management Officer and
Executive Director, Outreach & Early College

Ruthie Welborn

Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Mindy Wilmot

Interim Dean of Instruction

  • Wilmot Work Plan: 21-22
  • Wilmot Accomplishments: 20-21