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Step 3: Placement Test

Discover Your Course Placement!

All of us at Bakersfield College want to make sure you are successful in your academic career. That is why we provide a Placement Test that helps to determine your skill and placement level for English, Reading, and Mathematics.

Who Needs to Take the Placement Test?

All new students must complete the Placement Test or be exempted by a Counselor or Educational Advisor. You may be exempt if you have completed both college level English and Mathematics at another institution with a grade of C or higher. (Contact the Counseling Department if you meet this criteria.)

If you speak a language other than English with your family or if you first learned to read and write in a language other than English, the Placement Test will direct you to take the English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) version.

Why the Placement Test?

By placing you in the courses that match your skill level, we dedicate ourselves to help you become successful at Bakersfield College! We use the Placement Test results with other criteria (like your high school or other college/university transcripts, AP or IB test results, etc.) to help our Counselors and Educational Advisors determine your comprehensive course placement.

How Do I Take The Placement Test?

Check out our hours on the left.The placement test is a proctored exam. We administer the test on a walk-In, first-come first-served basis based upon available seating.Our Placement and Testing Center staff will set you up to take the placement test any time during our regular daily testing hours. Review the Placement Test Details section for Placement Test requirements. (Currently, the placement test is only offered at designated proctor sites.

Placement Test Details

Practice and Prepare:
Placement Test Practice & Preparation includes more information.
  1. Photo ID We only accept a government issued ID card or your high school ID card that shows your photo.
  2. A pencil
Your BC ID number OR Social Security Number.
(To retrieve your BC ID number go to Kern Community College District Password Manager then click on Forgot Email Address)
Do NOT Bring:
Cell phones, calculators, or other mobile/electronic devices.
Parking Permits are Required on Campus - You may purchase a 1-day parking permit for $5 in any student lot on campus. (Campus Map.) Do NOT park in faculty/staff lots. Do NOT park in 45-minute zones if you will be on campus longer than 45 minutes. 
Additional placement test instructions and a copy of the College Board Student Privacy Policy will be provided on the day of the test.  

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