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Step 3: Placement

Discover Your Course Placement!

Bakersfield College wants you to be successful in your academic career. That is why we want you placed in the English, mathematics, and English for Multilingual Students courses which will maximize your success.

Who Needs Placement?

All students are placed based on their high school GPA and coursework. Students who did not complete at least 11th grade in a U.S. high school, graduates of a non-U.S. high school or and international students, will need to complete the Guided Self-Placement process.

If you speak a language other than English and feel that you would benefit from taking classes in our English for Multilingual Students, you may choose to place yourself into the EMLS sequence.

Guided Self-Placement

For students without high school performance information, Guided Self-Placement will assist you with registering for English, Mathematics, and English for Multilingual Students courses appropriate for your success. Make an appointment with a Counselor for Guided Self-Placement.

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