Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College Administration Building

Physical Education Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty

John Bolton: Health & PE, Football Coach, Department Chair
Jeff Chudy: Health & PE, Football Coach
Tina Cummings: Health & PE, Aquatics Director
Paula Dahl: Health, Women’s Basketball Coach
Scott Dameron: Health & PE, Women’s Soccer Coach
Brent Damron: Health & PE
Carl Dean: Health & PE, Football Coach
Carl Ferreira: Health & PE, Women’s Volleyball Coach
Keith Ford, Associate Athletic Director
Rich Hughes: Health & PE, Men’s Basketball Coach
Pamela Kelley: Physical Education, Track & Cross Country Coach
Francis Mayer, Sports Information Director & Public Relations
Matthew Moon: Health & PE, Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach
Tim Painton: Health & PE, Baseball Coach
Zackaria Peters: Health & PE, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Sandi Taylor: Athletic Director
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