Bakersfield College

Health and Physical Education Faculty & Staff

Name Position Email Phone Number Office Location
Reggie Bolton Health and Physical Education Chair/Football Coach 395-4359 GYM 7/GYM 1
Sandi Taylor Athletics Director 395-4258 GYM 1
Darrell Ballard Athletics Program Manager 395-4266 GYM 19
Alexandria Broom Department Assistant III 395-4269 GYM 19
Jeff Chudy Head Football Coach 395-4353 GYM 7
Tina Cummings Aquatics Director 395-4663 GYM 8B
Paula Dahl Women's Basketball Coach 395-4257 GYM 1
Scott Dameron Women's Soccer Coach 395-4454 GYM 1
Brent Damron Health and Physical Education Faculty 395-4376 GYM 19A
Carl Dean Football Coach 395-4265 GYM 7
Carl Ferreira Women's Volleyball Coach 395-4343 GYM 1
Keith Ford Associate Athletics Director 395-4299 GYM 19A
Tricia Gay Athletic Trainer 395-4475 GYM 6A
Casandra Goodman Women's Softball Coach, Health and Physical Education 395-4812 GYM 19
Vanesa Hernandez Financial Aid Technician, Athletics 395-4839 GYM 19
Rich Hughes Men's Basketball Coach 395-4553 GYM 1
Stig Jantz Education Advisor, Athletics 395-4681 GYM 9
Pamela Kelley Track and Cross Country Coach 395-4259 GYM 19
Peter Maglieri Athletics Equipment Program Coordinator 395-4495 Clerou Field House
Vayron Martinez Men's Soccer Coach 395-4939 GYM 1
Francis Mayer Sports Information Director and Public Relations 395-4266 GYM 19A
Michael Medeiros Athletic Trainer 395-4475 GYM 6A
Cheryl Moncier Executive Secretary 395-4280 GYM 19
Matthew Moon Men and Women's Swimming Coach 395-4396 GYM 1
Tim Painton Baseball Coach 395-4261 GYM 19K
Zackaria Peters Strength and Conditioning Coach 395-4266 GYM 19
Fred Smith Athletic Trainer 395-4475 GYM 6A
Nicole Woodruff Athletics Equipment Attendant 395-4750 GYM 19
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