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Degrees & Certificates

Degrees and Certificates

The Bakersfield College Performing Arts department offers the following degrees and certificates:


  • Music Associate of Arts for Transfer
    Students who plan to major or minor in music should commit themselves to the highest possible level of proficiency in theory, piano, literature, group performance, and applied (individual) instruction in their performance area. For more information on majoring in Music, please visit the Applied Music (Music Majors) page.
  • Commercial Music Certificate of Achievement
    The Commercial Music Certificate of Achievement provides experience and exposure to key components of commercial music, allowing students to combine their passions for technology and music. Experience with audio hardware and software, along with courses in music business and commercial music composition will provide skills necessary to pursue a career in audio engineering, production, performance, composition, promotion, publishing, and many other options.

Theatre Arts

  • Theatre Arts Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer
    The AA-T in Theatre Arts degree provides students with an understanding and an appreciation for the art of theatre and includes courses in acting, technical theatre, rehearsal and performance as well as an introduction to the theatre and play analysis. Completion of this curriculum will provide preparation for future theatre studies.