Bakersfield College

Group of music students.

Applied Music (Music Majors)


MUSC B7 Applied Music consists primarily of individual instruction on an instrument or voice and is intended for music students with significant previous experience. This course is a requirement for the Associate of Arts degree for Transfer in Music (AA-T) and must be taken and passed for 4 semesters to complete the degree. Auditions for students starting in the fall semester occur twice, usually in April and again in August just before the fall semester begins.

Next Steps

Students passing the audition and admitted to MUSC B7 Applied Music must also enroll in a set of co-requisite courses each semester of participation. The co-requisites include an ensemble course (MUSC B14A College Choir for singers; MUSC B10A Concert Band, MUSC B12A College Orchestra, MUSC B11 Jazz Combos, or MUSC B13A Jazz Ensemble for instrumentalists) AND the appropriate level of music theory and ear training. This sequence is:

  1. MUSC B2 Basic Elements of Music/MUSC B15 Beginning Ear Training and Sight Singing
  2. MUSC B4A Elementary Theory/MUSC B15A Ear Training and Sight Singing (offered spring only)
  3. MUSC B4B/MUSC B15B (offered fall only)
  4. MUSC B4C Intermediate Theory/MUSC B15C Intermediate Ear Training and Sight Singing (offered spring only)