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Bakersfield College

Parking Lot


Bakersfield College encourages you to carpool and rideshare to get to campus. See our Transportation page about alternate transportation to the college. Below is information regarding parking on the Panorama Campus.

For parking lot locations, view the campus map.

Visitor Parking

The main entrance to campus is located on Haley Street with visitor parking along the entrance road and in the lot on the left closest to the Administration Building. Parking in Visitor Parking is limited to 45 minutes. If you need more time, try the Student Parking lots and purchase a day parking permit for $5 at one of the kiosks.

Student Parking

Designated Student Parking lots are located in four areas on campus.

  • Northeast corner of campus at Panorama Drive and Mount Vernon Avenue (P3)
  • East side in front of Memorial Stadium on Mount Vernon Avenue (P6)
  • Southeast corner near the corner of University Avenue and Mount Vernon Avenue (P7)
  • Southwest corner at Haley Street and University Avenue (P16)

Parking permits are required for Student Parking lots and can be purchased per semester or $5 daily permits are available at kiosks in the parking lots.

Parking Permits

Permits for Spring 2020 are available now: Purchase your Bakersfield College Parking Permit.

Student Permit Costs:

  • Regular: $40
  • Financial Aid: $30
  • Summer: $30
  • Discount P16: Free

Student Parking permits are required each semester if you are parking on the Bakersfield College campus. Please be aware that you will need your Student ID (Not your Social Security Number), vehicle make/model/year, and license plate number in order to obtain a parking permit.

Finding your Student ID

If you cannot remember your Student ID, please use the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal
  2. Click on the Student Tab
  3. In the upper left corner, find the box titled "myBanWeb" and click on "Banner Self-Service"
  4. Click on “Personal Information”
  5. Click on “View Your Student/Employee ID”
  6. Your student ID will be listed in the following format @12345678

Benefits to Parking on Campus

  • Parking on campus is safer than parking your vehicle in the neighborhoods as Public Safety Officers continuously patrol the parking lots.
  • Vehicle burglaries on campus is low compared to the rest of the City of Bakersfield. Usually there are fewer than 5 -6 vehicle break-ins reported each semester.
  • Public Safety offers an escort service to the parking lots.
  • It is closer to the core of the campus than walking from one or two streets back into the neighborhoods.
  • The cost of the $10.00 permit for the entire semester is just slightly higher than what you would pay for (1) Starbucks coffee.

Your Public Safety Department works very hard to keep you and your property safe.

To appeal a citation, please visit Citation Processing Center

If parking accommodations are needed, please submit a ticket at the KCCD portal and fill out the form.

Partial List of fines

This is a partial list, not a complete list
Infraction Fine
Student Permit Not Displayed $35.00
Staff Permit Not Displayed $35.00
Handicapped Placard Not Displayed $275.00
Parked Over 45 Minute Time Zone $35.00
Parked Over 30 Minute Time Zone $35.00
Parked in Red Zone $35.00
Parked in Loading Zone Over 15 Minutes $35.00

Pickup/Drop-Off Areas

For the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors, Bakersfield College has designated Pickup/Drop-off Areas in three locations on the Panorama campus for those who are not bringing their own vehicle to campus. These areas are designated for loading and unoading, pickup and drop-off of passengers, and waiting for passengers. Pickup/Drop-off parking is limited to 15 minutes Please use these designated areas to avoid getting a ticket for temporarily parking at a red curb, in a permitted spot, or fire lane. Designated areas are:

  1. Haley Street Entrance (West side of Campus): Along the street between Haley Street and the stop sign in front of the Library leading to the BC Admissions Building circle, but not including the circle.
  2. Solar Array Parking Lot (Northeast side of campus): The circular area directly in front of the Outdoor Theater.
  3. Red and White Way (East side of campus off Mt. Vernon Ave leading to the Memorial Stadium entrance): At the turnabout and refrain from parking or allowing passengers to exit or enter the vehicle at the stop sign.

Please see the map of the Pickup/Drop-off areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several parking restrictions in the residential and business areas surrounding campus. Please be mindful of our neighbors, park legally, respect their property by not walking on grass and not littering, and do not block access to their driveways or alleys.

Parking in a business parking lot can result in your car being towed at your expense.

There is No Parking on the west side of Haley Street between Panorama Drive and Radcliffe Ave from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Parking permits are required in the neighborhoods to the West of campus from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on parts of Panorama Drive, Princeton Ave, Radcliffe Ave, Bucknell St. On the East side of campus, parking permits are required on the North side of Christmas Tree Lane between Noel Place and Dana Street, on the East Side of Noel Place between Christmas Tree Lane and Dana Street, and on the west side of Dana Street between Christmas Tree Lane and Noel Place.

Parking tickets for violations on residential streets are issued by Bakersfield Police Department.

For a more details on residential parking restrictions and maps of residential parking permit required areas, see Residential Permit Needed for Parking on Residential Streets.

Those not wishing to pay for a permit may park off campus.

A second option for both students and visitors is to purchase a daily permit for $5. Yellow daily permit machines are installed at various locations on campus. Visit the Campus Map page to find daily permit machine locations. Place the daily permit face up on the driver’s side, front dashboard so that it is visible to the Public Safety staff.

Yes, permits for additional vehicles and replacement permits are sold online. You must report your permit if it is lost or stolen to the DPS office.

Citation disputes are handled at the Public Safety office.

You may appeal your citation on the Citation Processing Center website Be sure to have your vehicle plate or citation to complete the appeal.

All appeals must be completed within (21) days of issuance of the citation, after (21) days you cannot appeal the citation and late fess are accessed.

The Bakersfield College Department of Public Safety issues parking citations in accordance with the provisions listed in the California Vehicle Code.

If the bail of a citation is not paid within 21 days of the due date, the bail increases. Unpaid citations are reported to the California Department of Motor vehicles; regardless of the State, the vehicle is registered.

The DMV will not allow vehicles to be registered with delinquent parking citations. To register a vehicle with delinquent parking citations all fines and associated fees must be paid along with the fees associated with registration costs.

Vehicles with five or more unpaid campus parking citations may be towed without notice to the owner from college properties and stored at the owner’s expense.

Parking permits are designed to be affixed to the inside, left lower portion of the front windshield your vehicle. Please check the instructions, which came with the permit itself or call 395-4554 to receive instructions from an officer or DPS staff member.

Public Safety Officers are committed to serving our college community. If you need motorist assistance, you may contact the Bakersfield College Department of Public Safety from any phone on campus by dialing extension 4554 or from any regular or cellular phone by dialing 395-4554.

NO. Notes, money, expired permits, permits that are altered, nor are hazard lights honored in lieu of a permit. Parking permits are enforced everyday except with special event pre-authorization.

Yes. All visitors need a permit. You can visit the Department of Public Safety for a one-day permit or contact the Bakersfield College member that has sponsored your visit.

They can arrange with DPS to have a temporary permit issued to you.

Yes. The registered owner is responsible for the citation.

Whether you are told by the person or not, if you loan your vehicle to someone, make sure Bakersfield College Parking Regulations are known.

Bakersfield College parking citations, if unpaid are forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if they are not paid within the 21-day time limit. The DMV will not allow you to register your vehicle until the citation is paid.

You can pay or appeal a citation at the Citation Processing Center website. If you wish to appeal, you will need your citation or the license plate number to the vehicle to which the citation was issued.


Failure to pay your citation within the due date specified on your citation, the fee will increase to $65.00. If you do not resolve your citation after that a DMV Hold will be placed on your vehicle registration and a report will be filed and submitted to the Dean of Students.

You can call the Bakersfield College Department of Public Safety at (661) 395-4554 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will speak with a DPS Officer who will answer you questions.

While displaying a valid handicapped permit, you do not need a student permit to park in a handicapped parking stall or in any timed area without a time limit imposed upon you. If all handicapped parking stalls are full, you may park in any student or staff parking lot by displaying a valid student parking permit and a valid handicapped placard issued to you. Misuse of a handicapped placard will result in a fine of $275.00, along with the handicapped placard being confiscated and returned to the DMV with a copy of a report detailing the misuse. You may be subject to Student Code of Conduct Violations as well.

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