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Meet the Office of Student Life Team

Photo of Dr. Nicky Damania

Nicky Damania, Ph. D.

Director of Student Life

Nicky Damania began his career at Bakersfield College in August 2014. He hails from the rocky mountain state, Colorado. He attended Colorado College where he doubled majored in biology (emphasis in pre-med and electron microscopy) and drama (emphasis in technical theatre and directing). He earned his Master's Degree in Career and Technology Education, Training and Development of College Students, at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and completed his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, Research, and Policy at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. His focus areas are on developing student leadership and creating effective and efficient student organizations. Other than long hikes in the mountains, he enjoys college life and everything that life has to offer him. He lives his life by a motto that was shared with him in high school, "Once the flame of one's desires touches your heart, it will never go away. So let your heart be your guide."

Photo of Arisve Pimentel

Arisve Pimentel

Student Life Department Assistant III

Arisve Pimentel graduated from California State University, Bakersfield in 2009 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Pimentel started working at Bakersfield College with the Office of Student Life in May 2015. She is the Department Assistant to the Director of Student Life and manages the front desk of the Office of Student Life. She has an identical twin sister who is also her business partner for Pimentel Delights. She has a huge passion for traveling and providing better customer service to the Renegade community.

Photo of Danyel Harris

Danyel Harris

Student Life Department Assistant III

Danyel Harris has over 20 years of administrative experience and is an avid lover of all things music. She sings and plays the piano and comes from a very musical family. She dreams of one day recording an album that contains her very own music! When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her family, watch movies, and loves good barbecue!  Danyel is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, helping others succeed, making people laugh, and enjoys encouraging others in whatever way she can. 

Photo of Benny Balderrama

Benny Balderrama

Program Manager for Campus Center Events and Services

Benny Balderrama is a West Covina native in the Los Angeles area. He attended the University of La Verne where he majored in Psychology. He earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs. He comes back to California after spending almost 5 years working as a student affairs professional in Virginia. In his spare time, Benny likes to go out and catch up with his friends or spend his time online gaming with even more friends he made throughout the years. He truly believes in the college experience and that is the main reason he chose this field.

Photo of Dezi Von Manos

Dezi Von Manos

Pantry Coordinator

Dezi is a Communications major and truly enjoys her gift of gab. She can most commonly be heard saying "I'm done" and people quote her quirkiness often. In her spare time, she can be seen hanging out with her two awesome kids and also doing her best Selena impression.

Photo of Selena Gasca

Selena Gasca

Front Desk Lead

Selena Gasca is currently attending Bakersfield College majoring in Radiology. She hopes to become a radiology technician, as her life career. She loves to stay busy with work and school. In her spare time, she enjoys nature photography and reading romance novels. She also likes to stay active hiking, exercising, and rock climbing.

Photo of Liliana Linares Liliana Linares

Front Desk Assistant


Picture of Juliana Medina

Juliana Medina

Graphic Designer



Photo of David Serrato

David Serrato

David Serrato is a part time art student. He has a background in multi-media and has worked in theatrical producation as well as graphic design. school. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and riding his skateboard.

Photo of Marisol Arias

Marisol Arias

Pantry Coordinator


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