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Online Teaching Courses

BC is offering classes on online teaching, which will be part of a future certificate program for online teachers.

Who are the Online Teaching Classes For?

Current and future educators, including administrators and instructional designers, as well as anyone else who would like to improve their online teaching skills or learn more about teaching online.

What Online Teaching Courses are Being Offered?

The first course starts this summer:

EDUC B30 - Introduction to Online Learning Environments

This course is intended for current and future educators as well as anyone interested in online teaching and instruction such as future administrators and instructional designers. Topics in this course include: Course and Learning Management Systems, effective student contact, key characteristics of successful online learning spaces, online classroom management, relevant learning theories, current policies and laws including, but not limited to, accessibility requirements, types of online learning environments, and current communication technologies.

Other classes in the program will be announced this fall. We anticipate offering an Online Teaching certificate which will be between 15-18 units in total.

How to Register

For these courses, the process is simple. There are two steps to complete, which can be finished entirely online:

Step 1: Complete the Admissions/Update Form:

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Returning to Bakersfield College?

Complete the "Update Form."

  1. Log in to InsideBC (top left of our website)
  2. Click “MyBanWeb” Menu from the black bar
  3. Select “Update Form”
  4. Complete the form

Step 2: Register for Class:

Instructions on registering for classes.

There are two sections of this class happening this summer. They will both be taught completely online, with a flexible schedule. Both will be taught by Dr. Erica Menchaca, from the Bakersfield College Education Department.

If they fill, we may add more sections:

Section 1: June 15 - July 9 (It’s not too late to register!)
CRN: 51558

Section 2: July 13 - August 6
CRN: 51559

Why are you offering this course online?

First, we want to reach as many teachers as possible, and that means that flexibility is important. Online courses will allow access to the greatest number of teachers who need this course.

ALSO - Some studies show that people who have taken an online course do a better job of teaching online. Check out this article for more on that perspective: how Online Learning Research Can Improve Remote Instruction

Have other questions?

Email Dean of Academic Technology, Dr. Bill Moseley at

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