Bakersfield College

Online Education

Why online courses?

Online courses provide an opportunity for students to complete all course requirements from their home or office. Depending on the course, students may be required to take proctored or non-proctored examinations.

Participants will have the changes to interact with the instructor and other students, regardless of location using a variety of technologies. Online courses allow students with non-traditional work schedules and/or home responsibilities to take college courses and pursue their education.


Students must have a basic understanding of computer usage, know how to access the Internet and how to send and receive e-mail. Students must have access to the Internet as well as e-mail.

Accessing Online Courses

You will access your classes through InsideBC.

After logging in, you'll find a toolbar at the top of the page with "My Courses."  From there, you can select your various online courses.

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