Bakersfield College

Research and Resources

Document Name Date Author/Researchers
Umoja ASTEP Participation and Completion of the English Sequence among African American Students at Bakersfield College (PDF)
(requires Microsoft Excel)
September 2019 Craig Hayward and Karen Snow
Student Journey and SCFF Simulator (XLSX)
(requires Microsoft Excel)
April 2019 Craig Hayward
Math Placement Forecast - Fall 2019 (PDF) September 2018 Craig Hayward
Math Requirements by Program of Study (PDF) April 2018 Craig Hayward and Alma Livingston
ACDV B50 to COMM B5 and/or PHIL B9 (PDF) February 2018 Craig Hayward and David Buitron
Early Momentum Metrics: Why They Matter For College Improvement (PDF) February 2017 Davis Jenkins and Thomas Bailey
Curricular Redesign and Gatekeeper Completion:
A Multi-College Evaluation of the California Acceleration Project (PDF)
April 2014 Craig Hayward and Terrence Willett
Kern Community College District