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Bakersfield College

Institutional Review Board

About the Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews requests to conduct human subjects research at the college. Human subjects research includes surveys, tests, interviews, and archival research that involves BC students and/or staff. Research projects conducted as part of classes that is not intended for professional publication does not need IRB approval. The function of the IRB is to ensure that researchers treat human subjects according to the three guiding principles of The Belmont Report outlining the ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects of research.

  • Respect for persons: subjects have the right to decide whether or not to participate in research
  • Beneficence: research designs should minimize potential harm and maximize benefits
  • Justice: equity in selecting participants, especially in light of how stands to benefit from the research

Please note...

If you are considering conducting human subjects research, please follow these steps:

  • Download the application form and fill it out
  • Submit a signed copy to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in A-17 via email at research@bakersfieldcollege.edu.
Download the Application Form (PDF)

Institutional Review Board Members

  • Craig Hayward - Chair (Scientist, Psychology)
  • Matt Garrett - Member (Humanities, History)
  • Maria Wright - Member (Humanities, Social Science)
  • Jordan Rude - Member (Scientist, Psychology)
  • Faith Bradham - Member (Humanities, Librarian)
  • Pedro Ramirez - Alternate Member (Scientist, Social Science)
  • Lori Ortiz - Administrative Support

Research approved by Bakersfield College's IRB (00011857) complies with the Common Rule, 45 CFR 46.111 and 21 CFR 56.111.

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