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Bakersfield College

BC Office of Institutional Effectiveness Team

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Bakersfield College (BC) supports the college's mission and commitment to academic learning and student success by providing quality, accessible, and relevant information to facilitate decision-making and planning processes that provides the basis for data-driven decisions to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness.

What We Do

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness strives to meet the needs of the Bakersfield College community by conducting research, providing reports and institutional data related to:

  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Accreditation
  • College Initiatives (SSSP/Student Equity/Strong Workforce)
  • Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
  • Annual Unit Planning
  • Program Review
  • Education Master Planning
  • Matriculation and Enrollment Strategies
  • Grant and Funding Reports 

OIE Affiliates
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Nicole Avina Program Manager, Student Success Technology (661) 395-4600
CSS 25
Daniel Hall Director, Student Success Technology (661) 395-4564
CSS 24
Erica Menchaca Curator, Program Pathways Mapper (661) 395-4005
CSS 119
OIE Staff
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Robert Dean Institutional Research Analyst (661) 395-4390
Craig Hayward Dean, Institutional Effectiveness (661) 395-4948
LEV 16
Sooyeon Kim Director of Institutional Research (661) 395-4988
Melissa Myers Institutional Research Analyst (661) 395-3514
Lev 16
Patsy Garcia Institutional Research Analyst (661) 395-4668
Lori Ortiz Executive Secretary, Office of Institutional Effectiveness (661) 395-4662

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