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Students often come to college with the expectation of finding the perfect apartment or house and the perfect roommate.  They envision finding a best friend, someone of like mind who will do everything with them. Below are some tips to think about before you even begin to search for a prospective roommate, and to discuss when you are ready to move forward.

Topics to Discuss With Prospective Roommates

  • Discuss any all lifestyle issues or concerns.
  • Discuss what respective schedules are (school, work, etc.)
  • Discuss how utilities that are not covered in the monthly rent will be divided.     
  • Discuss expectations of keeping your residence clean, who does what chores, how food is purchased and eaten, how loudly music should, guests, and pets.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to put house rules in writing (contract) and all parties sign. 

To place an inquiry to find a possible roommate, please Click here to complete a Housing Resource Referral form which will allow the Office of Student Life to assist students in their search for a roommate.

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