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Bakersfield College

Off-Campus Housing

Hours of Operation: Mondays - Thursdays: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m; Fridays 8:00 Noon


Phone: (661) 395-4355

Student Housing Services helps and supports BC students in a magnitude of ways. Some students may prefer to live with families, rent a room, apartment, or a house. Whatever the option a student chooses, the goal of Student Housing Services is to place any interested BC student in contact with some potential living possibilities.

Student Housing Services Mission Statement: Student Housing Services is a program offered by the Office of Student Life to assist students in meeting their housing needs in the college neighborhood.  The program formalizes a listing service already being offered by the department. Student Housing Services will augment this with support, guidance, and educational services.

Philosophy Statement: The Office of Student Life understands that in order for students to be academically successful, their basic needs must be met (Maslow, 1943). Student Housing Services is designed to help students meet this need, and to provide opportunities to develop life skills through workshops, financial management, connections to resources, and hands-on practical tips and advice.

The inclusion of any apartment or agency indicated on the housing list does not represent an endorsement of services or facilitate, nor does it guarantee that vacancies exist. Please be aware that BC does not assume responsibility for inspecting or supervising any housing facility.

Inquiries about Housing Services

If you're interested in applying for housing services, fill out the Housing Resource Referral form, which will allow the Office of Student Life to contact and assist students inquiring about housing resource services available at Bakersfield College. Please fill in as much information as possible on the form so our office can best assist you.

Student Housing Services will:


  • Support to the students to understand all aspects of living during their career at BC
  • Implement a possible 6-month follow-up procedure with each student who utilizes this service.


  • Various educational workshops regarding student housing and adjusting to living on one’s own
  • Host workshops for all students on resume writing, managing a check book, opening up a bank account, expectations and responsibility of being a renter, and many others.


  • Contact and establish a list of property managements who would agree to offer several rooms, and apartments for Bakersfield College students to rent, hopefully within a 10 mile radius of campus.
  • A list of available property management, agencies, independent properties, etc.
  • A list of the available properties.
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