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Accreditation Steering Committee

The Accreditation Steering Committee is a standing governance committee charged with making accreditation an ongoing process at Bakersfield College. The committee also works on accreditation plans and the self study document.

Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream is an approach to student success which will be integrated into the fabric of what we do, every day, at Bakersfield College.

The program brings in the framework to help Bakersfield College fine-tune the work we already do to help every student succeed.

Using the model from Achieving the Dream, we will identify, in a disaggregated manner, those student populations not achieving at the same level and develop targeted interventions to help them succeed.


Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee coordinates all student learning outcomes assessment processes.

Basic Skills

Basic Skills includes Course Acceleration and Embedded Study Skills.

Bakersfield College BSI Committee Members:

  • Janet Fulks
  • Kimberly Bligh
  • Keri Kennedy
  • Jeannie Parent
  • Michele Bresso
  • Liz Rozell
  • Odella Johnson
  • Nan Gomez Heitzeberg

BSI Fund Requests

BSI Fund Request forms can be accessed through InsideBC under BC Employee Forms.  You can also read more on the California Community Colleges' English as a Second Language/Basic Skills Professional Development Grant process and procedures.


Critical Academic Skills Workshops

Free workshops offered at Bakersfield/Panorama and Delano campuses.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee oversees all curriculum changes, additions and requirements, makes recommendations to President and seeks Board approval.


The EODAC Committee educates & orients the college on diversity issues.

Student Equity

Bakersfield College has a Student Equity Team dedicated to ensuring student equity at our institution.

Please visit our Student Equity website for more information and data.

First Generation Students

Bakersfield College presented international award-winning film about First Generation College students. Two of the students showcased in the film are from Kern County.

We asked film viewers to complete a short survey to share their thoughts on the film, and how it affected their view of First Generation Students.

Over 500 people attended the movie showings and we processed about 350 surveys. When asked, "Did watching the movie change any of your thinking about first generation students and college?" 90% of respondents answered YEs with 60% answering YES, A LOT.

When asked, "Did watching the movie change any of your thinking about things you could do to help first generation students?" 92% of the respondents answered Yes with 64% answering Yes, a LOT.

Most of the attendees were college students who shared that the movie inspired and motivated them. Many students committed to seeing a counselor, going to financial aid and making their student education plans.

You can read the entire First Generation Student Update, March 7, 2014, here.

Habits of Mind

Bakersfield College Habits of Mind LogoThe Habits of Mind Initiative at Bakersfield College is an adaptation of Arthur Costa’s and Bena Kallicks’s Habits of Mind Across the Curriculum: Practical and Creative Strategies for Teachers.

We relied on institutional data, the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), national research on first-generation students, and collaboration with Bakersfield College’s Student Government Association (SGA), as well as faculty anecdotes in order to arrive at our goals and mechanisms of delivery. Faculty, staff, and the SGA worked together to adopt eight habits most reflective of the needs of our student body.

SGA created the acronym POSSIBLE in order to convey the eight habits: persist, organize, strive for excellence, stay involved, innovate, be focused, learn for life, and emphasize integrity.

High School Counselor Conference Team

Lead: Alice Desilagua

Members: Barbara Braid, Sue Granger Dickson, Alex Henderson, Kathy Rosellini, Shohreh Rahman

What we do: High school counselors are invited to Bakersfield College for a day long conference featuring program, matriculation and other information important to the success of students.

Why we do it: To create a smooth pathway from high school to college, and to highlight BC programs.

For more information: Barbara Braid,

Institutional Scorecard


The Bakersfield College Institutional Scorecard represents a tool for both communication and dialogue about the important work going on at the college. The scorecard communicates metrics that reach into the heart of the work at the college and helps to guide data-informed decision-making. Each metric represents a barometer of our strategic initiatives work derived from our college mission. Interventions and improvements are identified and monitored by this set of metrics which represent a kind of “Vital Signs” of college work.


(Information Services Instructional Technology)

Recommends policy, procedure on college information systems and instructional technology to Academic Senate, College Council. ISIT stands for "Information Services Instructional Technology"

Making it Happen

Goal: a project dedicated to guiding and serving a cohort of students (CalSOAP) through the college matriculation process as addressed through process changes, classroom interventions, mentorship programs and student service integration.

See the Making it Happen Website for more information.

Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee acts as a resource to administrative, instructional & student services programs to develop their assessment plan and program review. Makes recommendations based on program reviews to President, College Council, and Curriculum Committee.

Student Success Pilot Program

Lead: Barbara Braid

Members: Maria Ramirez, Sue Granger-Dickson, Zav Dadabhoy

What we do: We are creating an intrusive counseling/advising model to assist first semester probation students to academic success.

Why we do it: To get probation 1 students to a 2.0 gpa and to instill good study and work habits.

For more information: Barbara Braid,

Student Success and Support Program Services

The goal of this Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) is to increase student access and success to Bakersfield College by providing an effective core, mandated SSSP services that will improve entering students’ transition into college by providing a foundation for student achievement, and the successful completion of their educational and career goals. The core mandated matriculation services include orientation, assessment and placement, counseling, advising, and other educational planning services as well as follow-up for at-risk students.

SSSP Fund Requests

SSSP Fund Request forms can be accessed through InsideBC under BC Employee Forms. 


Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge includes Jump Start, AAMP, Week Zero.


Kern Community College District