Bakersfield College

R.A.D. Women's Self Defense Program

Public Safety will be holding a Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) training class in March 2018. This is a free Women’s Self-Defense class offered to all female students, staff and employees of Bakersfield College and District Office.

The class is 12 hrs. and takes place over the course of two days. First you receive instruction and practice different techniques of self-defense during the first 9 hrs. of class time. During the last 3 hrs. of class time we walk you through various scenarios where you get to actually use the techniques that you learned on officers suited up in protective gear. Yes! You actually get to hit, kick, and strike an officer as hard as you can without getting into trouble!

Please come out and join us and let us help you help yourself regarding your personal safety. No prior experience necessary! Open to all women ages 17+ NO CHILDREN, BOYS OR MEN ALLOWED.

Free two-day class!

Bakersfield College, Fireside Room on March 9th 1PM-7PM & March 10th 9AM-4PM

For more information or to reserve your spot, contact the Public Safety Department at (661) 395-4554

View the R.A.D.Program Flyer