Welcome Renegades! The majority of our classes are online for Spring 2021. A few essential courses are face-to-face with safety protocols. All services have moved online and physical campuses are closed.
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Sign Up For A Bridge to BC Course This January

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Whether you started in Summer 2020 or taking your first classes in Spring 2021, BC wants to support your education. At BC, we expect ALL first-time students to complete Bridge to BC during your first year at BC.

We have great news for you. Traditionally, we only offer Bridge to BC during the summer months. For the first time ever, we are offering Bridge to BC in January! We realized a lot of new students were not able to attend during summer, so now is your chance to attend!

Students who complete Bridge to BC are significantly more likely to persist, and complete more units than students who haven’t completed.

PLUS, you get personalized one-on-one advising and financial aid assistance to make sure you are on the right path and getting all of the financial assistance you qualify for! The course will help you more effectively navigate Canvas and the BC website and you will learn so many tips and tricks to help you keep manage your time and turn in polished assignments.

Bridge to BC is an interactive, 1 week, online, 1/2 unit course! There are 2 options for January before the spring semester begins. Get a jump start on spring! Even if you already took classes this fall, this course is designed to increase your success and keep your GPA on target.

Don’t wait to enroll. These just opened this week and will fill quickly. Over 1,500 new students completed over the summer and their success rates are amazing!

January Bridge Dates

January 4-9 CRNs: 33851, 33852, 33853
January 11-16 CRNs: 33854, 33855, 33856

Take a look at this data!

On average, 66% of students who completed Bridge persisted to enroll in Year Two classes -  compared to only 50% of students who didn’t complete Bridge!

In 2019, 9% of Bridge students successful completed 30 units in their first year compared to only 4% of non-Bridge students!

If you have questions, or need help signing up, please let us know and we will arrange for someone to contact you to assist as needed!

Your Bridge to BC team cares about our success. We look forward to “seeing” you in January!

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