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Now Offering Courses to Support Online Learning for Current/Future Teachers and Students!

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Do you need courses that will help you create and manage an effective, collaborative, and accessible Learning Community for your students in a distance learning environment? BC has courses made just for you!


Do you need courses that can help you be successful and independent learners in your online courses? BC has a course made just for you!

Fall EDUC Courses

Courses for Current & Future Teachers:

EDUC B30: Introduction to Online Learning Environments (3 units: Summer/Fall 2020)

This course is intended for current and future educators as well as anyone interested in online teaching and instruction such as future administrators and instructional designers. Topics in this course include: Course and Learning Management Systems, effective student contact, key characteristics of successful online learning spaces, online classroom management, relevant learning theories, current policies and laws including, but not limited to, accessibility requirements, types of online learning environments, and current communication technologies.

EDUC B31: Cultivating an Online Learning Community (3 units: Summer/Fall 2020)

This course is intended for current and future educators and anyone interested in online teaching and learning such as future administrators and instructional designers. This class examines elements of effective instructional design for the distance learning environment. Topics include tailored instructional models, class management, learning theories, assessment methods, deepening student engagement, meaningful student learning experiences, and current software and multimedia options to enhance the creation and design of online learning environments.

Courses for the Students:


Bridge to This course is intended for students new to learning from a distance or who want gain skills for success in a online learning environment. Topics include tips for being a successful independent online learning, technology self-assessment, netiquette, digital citizenship, and navigating an online course. Students will practice viewing and completing assignments and assessments in a online learning environment as well as forms of online communication available.

This course includes practice in using an online plagiarism detection tool, personalizing your Canvas profile and notifications, creating a structured and effective physical space for a successful online learning environment, and learning strategies for becoming an independent online student who is comfortable with using technology and available online tools for your coursework.