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Bakersfield College

10/8/19: Power Outage Not To Affect BC

UPDATE #2: 10/9/19 3:50 PM

Bakersfield College continues to closely monitor the scheduled and enforced power outages throughout the state. As of this afternoon, we have received offical confirmation that Bakersfield College will not be impacted with phase 3.

Currently, all Bakersfield College classes scheduled on Thursday, October 10, 2019 will be held unless further information is received. 

If you are a student, staff, or faculty member, please do what is necessary to stay safe. Bakersfield College’s administration and faculty will be understanding of any personal situations that may arise from a power outage preventing you from engaging with your studies, classes, and obligations on campus.
We will notify students and our community if there are class cancelations or location closures. Bakersfield College will maintain status updates on this page. Furthermore, please tune into local news sources to remain up to date on this evolving situation.
We are encouraging students, staff, and our community to be prepared in case a scheduled or unscheduled outage. Please take the time to review the  safety tips, resources, and recommendations below.  

NOTICE #1:10/8/19 4:52 PM

Bakersfield College is closely monitoring the PG&E enforced power outages in CA. We have been informed that at this time, BC’s various locations will not be affected. Classes will continue as scheduled for Oct. 8-9, 2019.

Students, staff, and BC community, your safety remains our highest priority. In the event that power goes out in your location, do what is necessary to remain safe.

As we receive news or updates, we will notify students and our community if class cancelations or location closures occur. Bakersfield College will maintain status updates here on our website. Furthermore, please tune into local news sources to remain up to date on this evolving situation.

PG&E’s Safety Action Center is a great information resource for making sure that you, your family, your neighborhood and even your pets are prepared before a wildfire or another emergency.

Safety Tips to Prepare:

  • Keep important phone numbers in a convenient location. These numbers may include family and emergency contacts, local hospital, fire department, police station, etc.
  • Keep your cell phone charged and fully charge any extra power supply devices you may have
  • Keep a nonperishable food supply for you and your family
  • Also pet food! Don’t forget Fido!
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep perishable foods at a safe temperature.
  • Prepare a cooler with frozen water bottles or ice packs for medication or any important items you need cooled and accessible
  • Keep a flashlight with extra, fresh batteries in a convenient place. Avoid using candles because of fire risk. If you must use candles, treat the area with extreme caution
  • Turn off major appliances and electronic equipment in your home such as televisions, desktop computers, air conditioners, washer/dryers prior to an announced outage. This can prevent them from coming on unexpectedly when power returns
  • Make sure you can manually (without power) open your garage door or gate or park your vehicle in an accessible area
  • Fill up the tank – make sure you have at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle before a planned outage.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

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