Bakersfield College

Students perform on stage

Performing Arts


Students who plan to major or minor in music should commit themselves to the highest possible level of proficiency in theory, piano, literature, group performance, and applied (individual) instruction in their performance area.

Students should take the required courses in music and complete courses in general education for the transfer college of their choice. Elective courses will both enrich the student’s background and balance weak areas of knowledge for later academic growth.

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts is a component of both the liberal arts and general education programs.

Students who major in the various specialties of the dramatic arts often pursue careers in professional theatre, teaching, or activities in community theatre. Many other students have used training in theatre arts toward attaining confidence and self-assurance in professions such as law, the ministry and business.

In addition to acting, the department features film appreciation courses. Students often go on to attend various film schools.