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Waitlist Information

If you are on a waitlist for a hybrid math course, or you would like to be on a waitlist...

The hybrid math courses are designed to be “open-entry, open-exit” courses, and we are able to add students throughout the semester. If you are on a waitlist for Summer 2017:

  • CRN 50401 (Math B50)
  • CRN 50411 (Math B60)
  • CRN 50426 (Math B70)

Note: Math B50 is offered only for students who have taken the class before and is trying to get a better grade.

PLEASE CHECK On InsideBC from the BC homepage every day to see if you have rolled into the course or if you are able to add yourself to the waitlist. Waitlisted students will roll in during the evening, so check every evening and early every morning (Even during the break between semesters). Once you are in the course or on the waitlist for Summer 2017 semester, plan to attend one of the large-group Orientations in June 2017.

Monday June 12 in Forum 102

  • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Monday June 12 in Forum 101

  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Tuesday June 13 in Forum 101

  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

If you roll in once the semester has started, please call us at 661-395-4530 or come into the Math Lab to determine your next step. If you have not attended one of the large group Orientations, you will need to come into the Math Lab to complete this requirement within the week of the time you roll in from the waitlist. If you roll into the course by Thursday of any week, you have 8 hours of required time due by the following Monday 11:59 pm.

To get started on the ALEKS program, plan on coming to one of the Orientations (See Orientations link in side bar to the left). You will learn about the details of the course at that time. Waitlisted students may anticipate being enrolled, and you may purchase an access code and get started. Information will be posted on the Math Lab website (See ALEKS Access Codes link in side bar to the left) and at insideBC about how to obtain a temporary access code for ALEKS, which you may use for 2 weeks for free. By the end of that time you will need to purchase an access code of your own. 

If you would like to get a “head start” on the ALEKS program, you may purchase an access code. Once you are enrolled in the course you will need to contact the Math Lab staff to determine your specific time requirements for your first week.

Late-start sections of hybrid math courses are designed for students who finish one course and are ready to begin another. Those sections will not be available for open enrollment. They will require the signature of the Math Lab Coordinator for enrollment.

Hybrid math course enrollment numbers are checked each week, and students will be added in as there is space available. Thus there is no guarantee that if you begin the course in Practicing, that you will be able to enroll in the course. Our goal is to add as many students as we are able to accommodate.

What do I do if my name is no longer on the Waitlist OR if the Waitlist no longer exists on InsideBC?

If you were on the Waitlist for a Hybrid Online Math Course and you no longer can find the Waitlist, DON'T PANIC. The Waitlist was printed by the Math Lab staff and we still have record of your name on the Waitlist. Check BanWeb daily to see if you have automatically rolled into your desired class. If you have not rolled in, come into the Math Lab and obtain a paper add slip to be added into the class.

Call us if you have any questions or concerns at (661) 395-4530 during our working hours.

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