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Incomplete Student Information

Students may request for an Incomplete only:

  • When they have an unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons with proof such as a signed and officiated medical or a police report.
  • Get to 70% in the ALEKS path by November 1st.

The purpose of the Incomplete grade is to provide more time for you to complete your work.  The units for the course only count in the first semester, so it is as if we are extending the semester for you for the course. In order to request an Incomplete, you must come into the Math Lab during the last two weeks of the course and take a proctored assessment.

A request form for an Incomplete for Fall 2017 semester will be available at the Front Desk in the Math Lab during the last two weeks of the semester. If you know that you need the Incomplete, but you will not be able to score the required score to qualify, you may come in before December 7 and take the Proctored Assessment again, and if you still do not qualify, you may speak with Dr. Jonathan Brown, Math Lab Coordinator.  This will give you an opportunity to explain any family or medical issues that have made completing your work this semester difficult for you and you would like more time. Dr. Jonathan Brown will consider your requests once the testing period is over, before turning in a grade for you.

If you know that you would prefer to learn math in the classroom, then it is best to complete the course without asking for an Incomplete. Even though you will earn a grade such as "D" or "F" for the ALEKS-based course, once your grade is posted you can register for a classroom session.  When you complete the course successfully, you will be able to Petition to Change the Grade with Admissions and Records, and your new grade will replace the "D" or "F" previously earned. (However a grade in Math 60 cannot replace a grade in Math A, and a grade in Math 70 cannot replace a grade in Math D.) 

Incomplete grade ("I") will be posted on your transcript within about a week of the last day to test.  An "I" grade does not affect your GPA. For the Summer 2017 students who filed for an Incomplete, you have until October 5, 2017 to finish the course. If you still need more time, you may speak with Dr. Jonathan Brown a week before the deadline date(9/28/2017) to ask for an extension to complete the work.

Important dates for Summer 2017 Incomplete Students:

August 21 - August 23:         Come to the Math Lab to do an Orientation

Wednesday, August 30:       Get to 42% in your path in ALEKS and take Proctored Knowledge Check

Monday, September 4:         Complete 40 hours in ALEKS

Wednesday, September 13:  Get to 56% in your path in ALEKS and take Proctored Knowledge Check

Wednesday, September 27:  Get to 72% in your path in ALEKS and take Proctored Knowledge Check

Monday, October 4:              Complete 80 hours in ALEKS

Thursday, October 5:            Last Day to take a Proctored Knowledge Check

Naturally, if there are medical, family, or other unusual circumstances that arise during the semester or during the time you are working on an Incomplete grade, please plan to come into the Math Lab and speak with Dr. Jonathan Brown as soon as possible.

If you have other questions or concerns about what an Incomplete grade is, please call us at 395-4530.  Once the new semester starts, we request that you come into the Math Lab during the first week of the semester to complete an Orientation for Incomplete students in the Math Lab.  

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