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Incomplete Student Information

Students may​ ​request​ ​for an Incomplete ​only​:

  •  When they have an​ ​unforeseeable​ ​emergency​ ​and​ ​justifiable​ ​reasons​ ​with proof such as a signed and officiated medical report or a police report.  The incident must be something that lasts the majority of the last weeks of the class.

Students that don't meet all of the above requirements, may qualify instead for a "W" (Withdrawl) or an "EW" (Excused Wtihrdawl).  To ask if you qualify for a "W" or "EW" you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Brown by calling the Math Learning Center front desk at 395-4530. For more information about an Incomplete grade ("I"), visit

Studens who meet the requirements to request an incomplete must speak with the Math Lab Coordinator, Dr. Brown, during the last two weeks of the semester.   Call the Math Learning Center front desk at 395-4530 to make an appointment.  This will give you an opportunity to explain any family or medical issues that have made completing your work this semester difficult for you. Dr. Jonathan Brown will consider your requests once the testing period is over, before turning in a grade for you. A request form for an Incomplete for will be available at the Front Desk in the Math Learning Center during the last two weeks of the semester.

If you have other questions or concerns about what an Incomplete grade is, please call us at 395-4530.  

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