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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to e-mail the instructor when I register for an ALEKS course?

No. Instead of e-mailing the instructor, you are required to attend an orientation for the course. The large group orientation dates scheduled will be sent to you through email. Please attend any one of the sessions. Be sure to arrive on time to the orientation, as late comers will not be admitted. If this requirement has not been fulfilled, then you will be dropped from the course.

What if I can’t make it to the orientations?

Orientation is required for ALL students enrolled in a hybrid course. This may require you to request time off of work.  Exceptions will only be made in the most extreme of circumstances. The Math Learning Center is located in the West End of the Center for Student Success (CSS-140) on the second floor, or can be reached by

Do I have to come to orientation if I've taken a hybrid course before?

Even if you've been enrolled in a hybrid course before, you must still attend an orientation. Orientation is required for ALL students enrolled in a hybrid course, including those students who have taken the same class in the previous semester.

Do I have to buy a book?

There is no physical textbook required for this course.  However, you are required to purchase an ALEKS 360 student access code. For Math B60 / Math B70 / Math B75, a digital copy of the textbook will be provided when you use your access code and start the course in ALEKS.

How often do I have to come to campus?  

Due to quarantine, the Math Learning Center has completely moved online. All students enrolled in the hybrid math courses can contact our "front desk" by logging in to "conferzoom" in "canvas" for their class. If there is not one in session, then they will have to go to "Announcements" (in canvas) and look for "walk-in tutoring for MLC" (dated for this week) and follow the link for the zoom meeting opened at that time. If you are not enrolled in any of the hybrid math courses, contact the math Learning Center at Proctored Assessments (for your grade in the course) can also be done from home using a webcam and lockdown browser (ALEKS). However, all students are strongly encouraged to join the zoom meetings through the Math Learning Center to get face-to-face help.  If you fall behind or require extensions, then tutoring will be required.

What should I do if I can’t purchase my ALEKS access code yet?

You do receive a two week temporary access code.  If you think you might not be able to purchase the regular access code by the end of those two weeks, then you need to log in enough hours and complete enough milestones in advance so that you will not be dropped while you are waiting for more funds.  If you have done this but the time until you can purchase your code becomes longer than expected, then you should speak to the Math Lab Coordinator, Dr. Jonathan P. Brown, Ph.D. (through, immediately to discuss options. Once you are able to buy it, you will need to catch up in the course requirements and an add slip will be sent to you to re-register for the class, and your required hours will start at that time.  If you do not drop the class on your own, you will rapidly fall behind on your time requirement, and will likely be dropped by the instructor.  In this case, to get back into the class you would be required to use your one-time-only reinstatement.

Do I have to keep putting in hours once my ALEKS pie is at 70% or better?

Yes. Unless you have scored a “C” or better on a PROCTORED ASSESSMENT, your hours will still be monitored by Math Learning Center staff.  If you fall even a minute behind, you will be dropped from the course.

What do I do to get back into my class after being dropped, and what will my required hours be?

If you are dropped, you can use your "no questions asked" reinstate by contacting the Math Learning Center through You will have to complete 30 minutes of tutoring, be current in your milestone and the required hours. Then, we will send you a form to be sent to Admissions and Records ( in order to reinstate. While dropped, still work on the ALEKS program; put in as much time as your schedule allows. Any time you complete while dropped, will count towards your new total once you are reinstated.

 If I’m dropped, can I still work on ALEKS before being reinstated?

Yes. Hours that you spend on ALEKS prior to being reinstated will still be counted towards your hour requirement, and can help you get a head start.  You must become current to the normal schedule in hours and milestone requirements to reinstate.  If you are dropped again after having been reinstated, you would have to get approval from the Math Lab Coordinator to be reinstated again.

Can I take more than one ALEKS course in a semester?

Yes, only if you are enrolled in Math B60 class.  If you move quickly through the Math B60 course materials and complete your Proctored Assessment with a grade of “B” or better prior to the last day for adding a hybrid course (typically at the end of the 4th week of classes for Fall and Spring, end of 2nd week for Summer) then you may add the next ALEKS course.  Provided that your current ALEKS code has not expired, it can also be used for the following class.

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