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Bakersfield College

Math Faculty & Staff

Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Kathleen Rush Professor, Mathematics; Department Chair (661) 395-4331
MS 107E
Arnie Andrasian Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4227
MS 107A
Jonathan Brown Associate Professor, Mathematics; Math Faculty Research Liaison (661) 395-4720
Michael Fredenberg Faculty, Mathematics
LA 117
Ricardo Garza Assistant Professor, Mathematics (661) 720-2055
DST 112
Dillon Giblin Associate Professor, Mathematics (661) 720-2079
DST 112
Tom Greenwood Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4229
MS 102
Christy Haycock Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4220
MS 19E
Li Kang Liu Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4919
LA 117
Kurt Klopstein Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4624
LA 106
Claire Lahorgue Associate Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4283
LA 105
Joshua Lewis Associate Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4226
MS 107B
David Meyers Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4517
MS 19A
Thomas Mieh Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4761
MS 107B
Juan Rodriguez Ramirez Assistant Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4647
MS 113
Kevin Ruiz Associate Professor, Mathematics
MS 113
Patrick Serpa Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4557
LA 117
Nigie Shi Faculty, Mathematics (661) 395-4004
Carol Smith Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4562
LA 108D
Donna Starr Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4227
MS 107A
Janet Tarjan Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4248
MS 107D
Kris Toler Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4004
LA 108B
Andrea Tumblin Associate Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4953
MS 102
Isaac Vannasone Associate Professor, Mathematics (661) 395-4972
MS 107D
Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Kimberly Brown Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics (661) 395-4231
Richard Carmona Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Ramiro Garcia Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Rebecca Head Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Michael Little Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Christopher Lonner Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Melida Paz Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Gurpreet Singh Grewal Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics (661) 395-4244
Brett Skinner Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Patrick Staten Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Scott Warnert Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Teaching Assistants
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Gladys Jerrickson Teaching Assistant, Mathematics (661) 395-4530
CSS 140
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Stephen Waller Dean of Instruction, Math, Science and Engineering (661) 395-4231
SE 57