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Brand Usage Guidelines & Resources

Marketing Resources

For media and External Agencies

The Marketing and Public Relations Department is the voice of Bakersfield College, promoting its transformative programs and services to potential students across the nation while enabling BC educators to provide students with all of the resources they need. Our department is dedicated to telling BC’s stories with inclusivity, integrity and transparency in any available medium.

The Bakersfield College brand and logo empowers us to share BC’s many unique stories with a singular and uniform voice.

To communicate with a unified vision, please adhere to the standards outlined in the 2018 Brand Usage Guide. The guide covers the use of our branding and identity in a variety of communications and coverage's.

A library of digital resources is also available on our website. You will find the logo available in all formats and pre-approved campus stock photography for your use.

Questions about the logo or any materials? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Campus Stock Photography

Athletic Branding

The Bakersfield College Athletics Program is rich with history and tradition. Since the origin of the Renegade mascot, the “Knight” has been portrayed in many forms. Although each Knight provides strong symbolism of the era it represented, Bakersfield College has incorporated the use of a modern knight design. This logotype and knight image is universal and should be used to brand all sports. Guidelines for use of this logo are below. For more information regarding Bakersfield College Athletics, visit

  • For media, the Renegade Knight logo should be used for all Athletics stories and media coverage of Bakersfield College Athletics events and announcements
  • The Renegade Knight logo is a stand alone logo but may appear in conjunction with the Bakersfield College signature. All rules for the signature will apply.
  • For print, the Renegade Knight logo can be placed at the top of the page only when accompanied by the Bakersfield College signature placement in the lower 1/4th of the page
  • Do not change or alter the height to width ratio of the signature.
  • Do not use the logo upside down, backwards, or mirrored.
  • Do not apply rotation, distortion, transformation, stylization, warping, a drop shadow, or any color alterations.
BC Athletic Logo
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