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Education Partnership a “Game Changer” for Arvin High School, Bakersfield College, Employers Training Resource

Today, the County of Kern Board of Supervisors approved $400,000 in funding to Arvin High School to support the establishment of an educational partnership between Arvin High School, Bakersfield College, and Employers Training Resource to provide a complete general education certification program for high school students. The program, supported by matching funds from Bakersfield College, is called 1+1+2=Game Changer, and is designed to provide three educational pathways for Arvin High School students interested in pursuing higher education once they graduate from high school.

Educational pathways are partnerships between organizations which offer high school students a cohesive program of study and support services that streamlines the pathway from high school to college to career. In these pathways, students have access to academic and technical skill development programs, and career readiness trainings, all to support their movement through the educational system into the workforce.

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