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Maintenance and Operations Building

Maintenance & Operations

About M&O

Maintenance and Operations is a building and facilities service provider, which is dedicated to excellence in customer service. We support our institutional mission by providing Bakersfield College with a safe, secure, pleasant and accessible environment, an environment that supports our college in achieving excellence in teaching and learning and we do that with pride, integrity, and respect.

Vision Statement

We strive to be an effective, customer service oriented department that is respected by Bakersfield College and the Bakersfield community.


Within a framework of safety, quality service, environmental sensitivity and operational efficiency the Department of Facilities and Operations will:

  • Train and develop staff to discharge the duties of the department in a professional manner. This will be accomplished in a work environment that is safe, challenging, responsive and rewarding.
  • Expand, execute and manage comprehensive preventative maintenance programs which protect the college’s financial investment in its physical plant.
  • Listen and respond to our customers needs.
  • Perform day to day cleaning, maintenance, repair and upgrading of the existing physical plant in a manner which strives to meet the expectations of the students, faculty and staff.
  • Control costs rigorously through the professional management of departmental resources and the introduction of new technologies and methods.
  • Develop, promote, implement and maintain an effective energy management program.
  • Provide consultation and information regarding facilities and maintenance matters to other support units and the general college community.
  • Comply with the letter and intent of all applicable statutory, code, health and safety regulations.


Name Position Email Phone Location
William Potter Director, Maintenance and Operations (661) 395-4478
Jim Coggins Manager, Maintenance & Operations (661) 395-4501
Ramon Puga Manager, Operations (661) 395-4548
Rachell Morehouse Assistant Supervisor, Evening Custodial Services (661) 395-4870
Mary Jo Pasek Manager, Community Relations/Events and Scheduling (661) 395-4556
M&O 103
Office Staff
Name Position Email Phone Location
Dalia Garcia Department Assistant III (661) 395-4852
Name Position Email Phone Location
Steve Barrett Grounds Equipment Mechanic (661) 395-4221
Felipe Carillo Grounds Worker I (661) 395-4221
Albert Castillo Grounds Worker I (661) 395-4221
Antero Medina Grounds Worker (661) 395-4221
Angel Salmeron Grounds Worker I (661) 395-4221
Andy Willcut Grounds Maintenance Supervisor (661) 395-4221
Name Position Email Phone Location
Mitchell Barter Painter (661) 395-4221
Ronald Beldo M&O Tech (661) 395-4221
Corey Garcia Skilled Craftsman (661) 395-4221
Bill Garrett HVAC/Plant Engineer (661) 395-4221
Timothy Hernandez Skilled Craftsman/Locksmith (661) 395-4221
Aaron Kidwell Maintenance Worker (661) 395-4221
Martin Ramirez Electrician (661) 395-4221
Frank Tinoco HVAC Technician (661) 395-4221
Landon Webb Plumber (661) 395-4221
Custodial AM
Name Position Email Phone Location
Carlos Barbaran Custodian I (661) 395-4221
LEV 39
Martha Gonzalez Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Ofelia Hernandez Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Diana Montoya Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Reyna Valle Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Caroline Walth Custodian II (661) 395-4221
Custodial Midday
Name Position Email Phone Location
Jason Brown Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Custodial PM
Name Position Email Phone Location
Irma Benitez Custodian I (661) 395-4221
David Branson Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Damaris Duque Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Daniel Gutierrez Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Jesse Morales Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Ruben Rosales Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Josh Villapando Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Custodial Part-Time
Name Position Email Phone Location
Patricia Ramos Custodian I (661) 395-4221
Shipping and Receiving
Name Position Email Phone Location
Steve Adams Shipping and Receiving Clerk (661) 395-4279
M&O 116
Derick Munnelly Shipping and Receiving Clerk (661) 395-4279
Name Position Email Phone Location
Leo Avalos Mailroom Coordinator (661) 395-4411
Print Shop
Name Position Email Phone Location
Matt Foster Print Shop Clerk (661) 395-4504
Josephine Garcia Lead Printer (661) 395-4504
Scheduling and Events
Name Position Email Phone Location
Leah Prendez Events and Scheduling Specialist (661) 395-4518
LEV 12