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Directions to Enroll in LRNCB512

Select students have received notice of updated English placement. If you have now been placed into ENGLISH B1AC, which is a co-requisite support course with ENGL B1A, our transfer-level English course, you should enroll today! This new placement will allow you to graduate and/or transfer much faster!

  • To register for the course, it will be found under Learning Communities, not under English.
  • The course is titled LRNC B512: ENGLB1AC co-requisite support with ENGL B1A. When searching classes, look under the letter L.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Visit Bakersfield College and go to InsideBC on the top black toolbar.
  2. After logging in, select MyBanWeb on the top black toolbar. Then, select Look Up Classes.
    Step 1 to enroll
  3. For the term, select Spring 2019.
    Step 2 to enroll
  4. On the next page, select Learning Communities and type B512 in the Course Number box.
    Step 3 to enroll
  5. Write down the CRN which fits your schedule!
    Step 4 to enroll
  6. Then, select MyBanWeb on the top black toolbar. Then, select Add or Drop Classes.
    Step 5 to enroll
  7. Finally, enter the CRN number and hit submit!
    Step 6 to enroll

Additional Information

The LRNC B512: ENGLB1AC co-requisite support with ENGL B1a course is composed of two classes in one. You will have an ENGL B1A class followed by your support class—you will have registered for both when you register for LRNC ENGL B1A with support. The co-requisite course is a mandatory 0.5 unit lab class taught by your professor to support your success. This class will immediately follow your B1A class and will be taught by the same instructor. This is NOT an optional course.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions, please communicate with a counselor by emailing Counseling and Advising.

EMLS Students

EMLS students will not be impacted and can continue their EMLS coursework as they so desire.


If you are a veteran, please meet with your counselor to ensure your courses meet requirements.

DSPS Students

If you are a DSPS student, we recommend adding additional one-on-one tutoring sessions to your plan.


If you are an athlete, you should always consult your assigned Advisor/Counselor before the general counselor.

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