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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the library catalog available from off-campus?
Yes, it is. On the first page of the library website, click on "OneSearch" to search the Bakersfield College Library Catalog. You can search just books and eBooks using the "BC Library Books & eBooks" search.
How can I check out books?
Just present your student ID card, your books and yourself at the Circulation Desk. To get your free student ID card, visit the Welcome Center in the lobby of the Administration Building.
How much will I be fined for an overdue book?
Beginning Fall 2022 the library no longer charges overdue fines.  However, if you lose a book you will be billed for the replacement cost.
How long can I keep a book I have checked out?
The initial checkout period is 3 weeks and you can renew the book up to 2 times if no one else has requested it. You can renew your items online by logging into your account through OneSearch, click “Sign-In” in the top, right corner, click on your name to see the drop-down menu, click on “My Loans” and renew on the next screen.
What happens if the book I want is checked out? Is there a way for me to request the book?
Yes. Each checked-out book will show a due-date in the library catalog. In the "Get It" section is a link to "request." Sign in to your account and complete the information on the request screen. We will notify you when the book is back in the library.
How many books can I have checked out at a time?
You can have up to 20 books checked out at once.
My professor said that a book or article for my class is in the library. Where can I find it?
Most likely it is in the Reserve Collection, which is kept at the Circulation Desk on the main level.
Can I use the CSUB library?
Yes. Anyone can use the CSUB Library as a walk-in, just as anyone can use the BC Library. However, if you wish to check out books, you will need to obtain a community card first. BC has an agreement with CSUB that, with a completed form, you may purchase a community card at half the normal cost. You may fill out the form at the BC Library Reference Desk.
Can I use the library research databases (EBSCOhost, etc.) from off-campus?
Yes, you can. Visit the the library webpage to see the A-Z Database list. Click on the database you want to search and you'll be prompted to enter your BC email address and password. You may then search as you would in the library.
I’ve tried connecting to the library research databases from home without success. Is there someone who can help me?
Yes, call the Reference Desk at (661) 395-4466 during regular library hours for assistance.
Is wireless Internet access available in the library?
Yes. To use it, allow your laptop or mobile device to locate the KCCD Open wireless network. Then open a web browser and when prompted for a user name and password, enter your complete BC email address as your username. Your password is your Banner password (that you would use to register for classes). Be sure to click the “Accept” box to accept the terms associated with using the wireless network.
Can I print from library computers?
Yes.  Printing from computers is available for 10 cents per image printed. To print you must have funds in your online print account. For instructions, view the Printing Instructions page. To add funds to your online account using a credit/debit card, visit the KCCD print website (on campus only), and login using your BC student ID number and your Banweb password. Check the "paid" box on the first screen to get the funds into the correct account. You can also add money to your online print account at the Business Office windows in the hall outside the Campus Bookstore. 
Can I print wirelessly?
No. However, you can always forward a document from your laptop to a wired computer in the library via your email account, and then print.
Why isn’t the library open more hours?
Money and staffing are the primary difficulties. Although we are not open until 11pm as are many residential college libraries, we are open Saturdays (11am-3pm) during the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer hours are more limited.
Does the library have a color photocopier?
Not at this time.
Does the library have photocopy machines?
Yes.  There are three photocopiers in the library, one upstairs and two on the mezzanine level. These machines are coin-operated only, 10 cents per image.
Why can’t I find any good recent best-sellers in this library?
Since the purpose of a college library is to support the curriculum, the library doesn’t purchase popular fiction titles unless they are course-related. Check out the Pop collection on the spinning rack near the Reference Desk for some reading ideas. You may have better luck with recreational reading at the public library.