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Library Connection Problems

Trouble connecting to library databases from off-campus?

Here are resolutions to problems you may encounter.

  1. If you receive a message saying you cannot be verified as a currently enrolled student or staff member, but you are, first be certain that you correctly entered your ID number. DO NOT include the @ sign as part of your number. If you're still unsuccessful, call the Library Circulation Desk (395-4461) during regular working hours and you can be added to the database for immediate access.
  2. If you receive a white screen which mentions a server error across the top of the page, call the Library Circulation Desk (395-4461) during regular working hours. This indicates a problem with the local server and we will attempt to resolve the problem.
  3. If you are being prompted for a username and password other than your BC student ID number at a database website, try clearing your browser cookies using "options" and "tools," depending on what browser you're using. Close and reopen the browser and try accessing the database again through the library webpage.
  4. If you receive a message indicating you have overdue or lost library materials, or library fines, your off-campus access to databases is blocked until those issues are resolved. You may call the Library Circulation Desk (395-4461) during regular working hours for clarification.
  5. If you're able to access all but one of the databases, chances are the database you're trying to access is experiencing technical difficulties. Wait 20-30 minutes and try connecting again.
  6. If you're clicking the "login" button and nothing happens, you're probably using a Google Chrome browser. Use the "enter" key rather than clicking the "login" button.
  7. To access databases from off-campus, you must have cookies enabled in your web browser.
  8. If you have virus protection software or a firewall, these may sometimes interfere with access. Temporarily disable these and try connecting again.
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