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Art, Architecture and Archetype

Theme: Water in Art and Mythology

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 6-7:45 p.m.


  • Rae Ann Kumelos (English)
  • Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg (Art)
  • Krista Moreland (Anthropology)
  • Ronnie Wrest (Art)

Gadfly Cafes

Reggie Williams facilitates a debate between BC students over important philosophical ideals

  • Fall 2021 schedule to be announced.

Renegade Roundtable

  • Fall 2021 schedule to be announced.

Deep Cuts and Conversation

Josh Ottum, Kris Tiner and Reggie Williams host a discussion on the ways that music reflects society.

  • Wednesday, September 15, 12-1 p.m. - Deep Cuts and Conversation First Installment