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Foreign Language

Bakersfield College’s Foreign Language department offers the Associate in Arts degree in:

The department also offers courses in Japanese.


The major of Spanish provides a linguistic and grammatical study of the language and an in-depth look into the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples.

The objective of the program is to prepare students for transfer to a four-year university.

Employment opportunities are numerous, and include both academic and non-academic positions, including working for corporations, business entities, and not-for-profits. Numerous career pathways are open to students demonstrating a proficiency in spoken and written Spanish including, but not limited to, teaching, social service, and retail.

Visit our Spanish Program page for more information.

Spanish Club

The purpose of this club is to form a representative body of students at Bakersfield College who are interested in Hispanic culture and language, to provide a more enlightened perspective on Spanish language, culture and interaction, to provide information and support to Spanish speaking students and participate socially, and as a representative group, in selected school activities.

For information, contact Maritza Salguerio-Carlisle at


The Bakersfield College Foreign Language Department offers courses in Japanese.

Students can take Elementary Japanese, Elementary Japanese 2 and Intermediate Japanese.

These courses can transfer to UC, CSU and private colleges.